IDEA: Player Owned Towns - The Anti Griefer

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Aikar, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. So I have an idea, that most likely doesn't exist in the level of detail but would be awesome if some devs improved the town system to support this:

    Have player owned towns (maybe limited to (1 + (1 * level of premium)), so 1 for free, 3 for iron, 4 for gold, 5 for diamond), that can be purchased for a specific price (say 3000r) in the same way locked chests are done.

    These towns could be 30x30 squares, that are created by placing a sign where you want the center point to be, at least 30 blocks away from the edge of the periodic reset zone.


    Where names of "Admins" of the town are listed by new lines AND commas (to fit more on the sign, this should be done for locked/access chests too)

    Admins would auto have all permissions and the ability to manage permissions of others outside of admins.

    the same /res set and /res pset commands should be used here.

    Players would then be able to build outposts and buildings out in the wilderness safe from griefers, and let the wilderness actually grow into a thriving development, instead of only town.

    Bring back the "living in the wild" feeling... Towns should also behave like the main town and restore life/food/inf health.

    As a bonus, "homes" could be created within a subset of a town, by placing a sign in the format:

    where its 10 blocks wide along X, 5 along Z and 5 tall.

    This would give that player permissions on that plot.

    So one person say a "guild leader" could buy a town then give plots to members to have privacy of their belongings that other members cant take (to prevent spy/sabotage from within)

    Also, if the owner builds another sign within the 30 block range, and puts [ TOWN ], the current town is extended.

    Towns should have some sort of way to distinguish the borders.

    And to manage the towns admin list, a `/res admin add name` command could be added to auto add a persons name to the sign, but only the first name (the owner of town) can manage the list.

    Looking for input and more ideas! Just imagine, going out into the wild and finding peoples creations that ARNT griefed... The wild would be fun to explore and see what people have done.[/quote][/quote]
  2. This already exists on other non EMC servers. I believe it is a part of the Towny mod. On the server I was on people could purchase towns in the environment where they wanted to for 15,000r. Then they could invite people to join as residents, set mayors, collect taxes, and more. Then towns could join together as nations. Nations could then go to war if admin of server turned it on. We wouldn't need the pvp part but the towns and how they worked would be cool. Basically the town system would allow only people who own the town and those who have residences to build etc on their parts of the towns. It would be great if we had something like or exactly like this system for EMC. I would really use the system and enjoy the griefless potential of world development.
  3. oh wow even better if the important parts of the idea can be enabled w/o any development...

    JustinGuy! What do you think?

    Griefing makes me want to play SP or a private server... these kind of features could improve EMC so much
  4. The problem with the Towny Plugin is that it is not meant for large servers such as EMC as it is very resource demanding and simply can't work in conjunction with the current EMC setup. While we do like the concept of user-run towns, we have the Global Town because the towny plugins are incompatible. :)
  5. Awe what a shame. I understand the issue though and thanks for letting us have some insight into the server management. Is there anyway of implementing something under the EMC setup? Just curious as to the possibilities. Have you(Admins / Mods) given it any thought before, if so what did you discover/figure out?
  6. I wonder if allowing control to chunks would be "cheaper" ( in terms of computer processing ) than defined rectangles...
  7. At this time we are designed around Town being the town. Protecting areas in the Wilderness has several issues. Here is a few:

    • We currently have 1,500 protected residences per server. These are usually mostly full even with reclaiming old ones. So imagine how many protected plots their would be all over the Wilderness, with the server trying to keep track of them all.
    • Sort of the same thing, but if we let thousands of players protect chunks or rectangles all over the wilderness, imagine how hard it would be to find a new spot to mine. You would have to search for a long time. On big servers that have tried this it turns into a huge pile of mess. Just look at the Town map and imagine jumbling it all up and laying it over the Wilderness. We take a lot of pride in how organized the server is.
    • Protecting the Wilderness sort of destroys the survival part of the game, because you can mine without risk. Many players here love the fact that we have a protected Town and then a very vanilla Wilderness (like you can't TP all over it, and you risk getting blown up every step). Currently we have the best of both worlds :)
    • Trying to manage it would become a logistical nightmare. Imagine a Town owner gets banned but he has residents that are still using the Town, or imagine a Town owner gets pissed and deletes the Town or someones "lot". All of this would generate tons of situations the staff would have to handle. This is why servers smaller than us have a hard time with growth, because they are having to micro manage the players.
    • I honestly don't see the point in letting someone make a Town in the wilderness when we already have a great Town on each server.

    Maybe (MAYBE) in the future we can look into a way to help the players that want to live in the wild full time. I respect that some people may not like the Town we currently have and want to play differently. So it's not that I don't understand why people would want this, it is just that I have a hard time fitting it into EMC's vision in a way that best serves the community.
  8. I see your point. It makes sense. I like both the present town and the wild equally. I would not want to not have the town part and I agree that having thousands of towns in the environment would be terrible. Thanks Justin for the detailed post and your time.
  9. maybe an even wider zone than the reset zone as a "protected area" that towns cant be built on?

    also, to solve "protected mining", make the inf life part only 4 high and 4 below.

    There are problems yeah, but solvable problems.

    as for "micro managing the players", simply state in rules mods are not responsible for helping you with situations like that.

    you could stop processing grief reports, and tell people they should of used the wild town system.