[EVENT] Trials of Olympus

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  1. When: Friday, June 23th 2017
    Where: Smp4, Res #8211
    What: In honor of Olympic Day, I am opening my newest attraction: The Trials of Olympus!
    Seriously though, what is it: The Trials of Olympus is likely the longest casino game you'll ever play. Based entirely off Greek mythology concerning the Olympians, The Trials of Olympus combines mazes, puzzles, quizzes, parkour, and more to test your skills in observation, memory, and dexterity.
    What does it cost: One gold block.
    What's the prize: Should you successfully pass through the The Trials of Olympus, you could win any number of prizes including, but not limited to: vouchers, promos, rare items, rupees, and large amounts of gold.
    I want your help: I would like your help in two aspects: publicity and donations. Help me get the word out. This is a large-scale challenge filled with greek mythology and I would love if people had some fun trying to make it through. If you would like to donate prizes, please mail them to IrishStag. You name will be included on a donor wall in the upper vestibule.

    Thank you all!
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  2. I knew the Greek mythology I had to painstakingly make hundreds of cards for was going to be used at some point :D
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  3. Ooo seems fun
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  4. Sent you a couple items to use as prizes, looks like a great event!
  5. This is your moment! Let that knowledge spring forth from the dusty depths of thy subconscious!
  6. These are awesome, thank you! People will especially love the *mysterious static garble*!
  7. This looks pretty awesome. Gonna donate some low level vouchers and promos and roops
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  8. Thanks, Neonkillah!
  9. Might make this if I can
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  10. Will see if i can make this. (depends on time of day)
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  11. You said "The Trials of Olympus is likely the longest casino game you'll ever play." So does that mean there will be gambling? ( :;
    When it comes to gambling I can't resist.
  12. To give you a quick update: I have finished everything except a little lighting on the tippy-top. Today I searched for more premium rewards and added some explanatory texts. For the purpose of reward balancing, I had to up the entry fee to one gold block, which I know is nine times as much but it allows for bigger winnings.

    Premium awards (first win) are currently as follows:
    Turkey Slicer
    Gold Supporter Voucher
    Enraged Guardian Egg
    Stable Voucher x2
    Vault Voucher x3
    Music Disc C418 – 13
    Music Disc C418 – cat
    Empire Firework 2013
    Empire Firework 2016

    Standard rewards (subsequent wins/no premium reward remain) are 12-1 your total entry fees (limit undetermined). So if you payed a total of 12 gold blocks, you could win 144.

    Lastly, you may have noticed that no EMC time was attached to this event. This was intentional; the doors of the temple swing on silent hinges (which is a miracle given their age). This was partially due to the nature of the Trials; too many people and things could get...deadly...I mean crowded. That and I work that day so...Nevertheless the Trials of Olympus will be open and waiting your chivalry come June 23rd!

    Thank you all for your continued support and donations!
  13. I helped spread the word, see my profile. Hope it helps :)
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  15. I'll have to attend this if I'm not working! I should be able to round up some donations as well :)
  16. Nice!!! Looking forward to it if I can attend.
  17. Today's the day! The Trials of Olympus are, at last, open! Please enjoy and spread the word!
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  18. Thanks for hosting this fun event! It was obvious from what I completed that you put a lot of effort in. I finished the maze but the parkour has a jump which I am awful at, so looks like I won't be finishing :) Too difficult for me! Thanks again! :D
  19. Attempting it right now with Freeshia! :) Looking great on the inside so far.
  20. Ahh I failed after the 2nd jungle stage in the maze. I'll have to try it again sometime! Great work IrishStag!!!