[EVENT] Trial of the Mountain Isle

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  1. Welcome to the Trial!
    In this trial there will be four teams of three that will compete against
    each other to collect a specific set of items and arrange them in a scoring grid, first
    one to complete the grid wins!
    The prizes have yet to be determined but will be announced soon I hope!
    So get a team together and fight for your right to glory!
    The extra blocks are:
    - Block of Green Mucus
    - Block of Blue Hard Stuff
    - Obsidian Dynamite
    - Nether Ore of Shiny
    - Stack of Glorious Hay

    Time: Tomorrow at 7:00 PM EST until 9:00 PM EST
    Server IP:
    Prizes: TBA
    The map is all custom terrain!!!!
    To join just post below and which team you want!
    If no team has found all items the team with the most points wins.

    Wool Block - 1 Point
    Named Block - 5 Points
    Player Kill - 2 Points

    You cannot kill anyone inside the safezone
    PVP is enabled everywhere besides the safezone
    You may steal items from those you kill. Including scored items.
    You may not destroy beds.
    You may not destroy any part of the safezone.
    You are not allowed to kill horses.
    You may use Skype to communicate with your teammates only.
    You are encouraged to stream or record :)

    Orange Team:

    Green Team:

    Blue Team:

    Red Team:

    Please encourage Staff members to join!!!!
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  2. I like it :D
    Ill try to make it, count me in.
  3. can i join blue team?
  4. I will join red team
  5. Canz i b in ur teem?

  6. I call red team ;)
  7. I'll join Red. :)
  8. OP has been updated! Please invite any staff you see!
  9. Sorry, but I am unable to attend the event due to unexpected happenings.
  10. Green please!
  11. OP has been updated!
  12. blue team please
  13. Just give me anything if anything is left.
  14. OP has been updated!
  15. Would you need a server for this or has that been taken care of?
  16. Taken care of :D
  17. Lets hope this doesn't become a "Voltz War"
  18. It will not. All is ready, except for people and a Staff member :D and that will be easy if you invite your friends!
  19. I might have to drop out depending on if we go see Captain Phillips.
    Will follow up.
    EDIT- We're not going until tomorrow so I can most likely make it :D
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  20. orange team please