[Event] The secret of the Nether Spawn!

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  1. Somewhere in the depths of the Nether lies a forbidden secret. It is up to thou, brave adventurer, to seek out the truth about the Nether Spawn.

    Somewhere around /wnether w @ SMP2 you can find the above scenery. This area contains a secret, and if you can find out what it is you can win some prizes.

    If you're lucky (or keen) enough then you'll find a document. This document declares you the winner and explains the prize. That is, the first half of it :)

    There is also a hidden scroll. The main document will tell you what to do with that.

    Finally... You'll probably also find some potions to help you get back safely.

    Tips: Thread carefully. If you're too violent you may risk seeing all your dreams go up in flames. In other words: down the lava drain.

    Only one rule: Unfortunately I have to exclude 1 player from participating. No need to name him, he knows who he is because he's been here before. And I expect trust him not to cheat ;)

    Good luck!
  2. Welp, I've just spent 30 minutes looking around, and I only managed to find an empty hidden chest near this structure and many ghasts. I'm not the greatest at these types of things :p

    EDIT: tuqueque may have found it first
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  3. And a bump, just in case.

    I guess I don't even need to give out any tips because you already gave one. Even so: if it was tuqueque who beat you then I think there'd still be a potion left :) I can't go in-game now so I have no idea what happened here, I'll check later on :cool:
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  4. Wait, is this it :confused:?

    These were just lying around in an exposed chest, and no potions to be found, soooo I'm confused
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  5. Some one has already gotten there so the loot has gone :eek:
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  6. But these are the document (original and signed by Shel) and the scroll mentioned :confused:

    I'll hold on to the items until I know more
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  7. well doesn't the document declare you are the winner? but it could just be a clue of where to go next :p
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  8. Maybe it's a hint, idk. Anyway, I put them back, I'm out :p

    I deleted my picture above incase it spoils something
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  9. I guess this is the problem with wild events; anything can happen. If you found my document & scroll then you are indeed the winner. Congratulations! If the chest was exposed then someone drained the lava ;) It was submerged in lava and to my surprise it also didn't catch fire. That's where my idea came from.

    I hope you also managed to nab the enchantment table & anvil? If not then I guess someone lese nabbed them; in that case you'll get a new pair from me (with a complimentary bucket of lava :D).
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  10. yaaay, now i won! ^.^

    j/k tim, im no cheat. but it seems some1 removed all the stuff without having the book, so they cheated a bit :confused:

    imma explain:

    shelly & me are working on treasure hunt and were trying ideas. this was ofc his idea ^.^ but we did learn something good here which we gonna use!

    im a judge btw :cool:

    u didnt return scroll so officially u didnt win :( but others cheated so u got confused and thats no fair! :mad:

    so: nltimv is winner, jadziaa gets runner up prize 4 trying 2 help ^.^

    imma need 2 talk 2 shell about prizes, also b/c people cheated. we'll mail.
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  11. Last night, after I was snooping around, tuqueque logged on and told me that he found the secret chest with the book and paper. We tried going to the cords "-3718" since the paper said "3718" and found nothing. While at these cords tuqueque ended up getting killed by a wither skeleton :(, but I grabbed his stuff for him :D! After this, I logged off and let tuqueque continue exploring.

    And jeez, there are so many ghasts in the nether. It's a very scary place :p.
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  12. Why not read the book? ;) The book clearly says (or so I think) what to do to claim your prizes :)

    The only reason I entered 3718 was to add something specific to the paper. Anyone can rename a paper into "Nether Spawn" but that number made it a little more difficult to cheat. So those weren't coordinates.
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  13. I got there first(like 2 mins after you posted. The thread, and the thing said i could get the items for the quest. Then i saw the renamed paper so i thought they were x coords so i went to the wild nether spawn ans went to thos coords, but didnt find anything. I put the book and paper back just so people would work as a team to find what the number on the paper means...
  14. Makes a little bit more sense now lol. Anyways it was a basic event that I thought was fun. Sometimes in life you overthink things, when in reality, the answer is so simple and right in your face.
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  15. That explains my confusion :p

    I think it's only fair tuqueque would get the price, because they found it first :)
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  16. Somewhat agreed :)

    I'll sort the whole thing out tomorrow.
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  17. then u won a bit, but u didn't follow the instructions ^.^

    i think its fair that u also win something ^.^

    and u also get prize 4 trying 2 help out here ^.^

    gonna mail prizes very soon now. gratz & thx 4 playing!
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  18. Wow, Thank you :p
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  19. Thank you for the price :)
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