[Event] The Legend of GRE4T3R's Promo!!!

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  1. The Legend of GRE4T3R’s Promo Event

    Starting Time: Friday, April 25th at 4:30 PM (Central time)

    Ending: Whenever all 6 of GRE4T3R's promos are found

    Where?: SMP1-SMP9

    Prize: Single Chest of Emeralds!!!
    (Maybe there is a secret bonus hidden on Utopia?)
    :) Go to residence 5220 :)

    (If you want a better chance of being picked, watch this thread and follow me on my profile and I will put you on my pick list.)

    DESCRIPTION(read all of this):

    1. The Legend of GRE4T3R's Promo is a game of smarts and discreetness.

    2. GRE4T3R will be giving out nineGRE4T3R-made promos
    (1 to each server).

    seven of the promos will be in the form ofghast tears.

    —The first and the ninth promo will be in the form of an Emerald.

    —The promos will be labeled like this:
    "GRE4T3R'S Promo(2/9)"

    (The chances of you receiving the promo will be totally random.)

    3. Starting today, the promos will be given out.
    —On Friday, GRE4T3R will give out the last promo and the game will begin.

    4. The goal of this game is to search and find allninepromos and return them to GRE4T3R for a grand prize worth over 40,000 rupees!!

    (Use tactics to sway others into telling you who it might be)

    5. To get a promo, you can either work secretly and alone, or just travel as a group and split the prize.

    6. To find a promo, you must find the player on each server who has one.

    7. Once you have found the player that has the promo and you have spotted the promo on his residence, mail GRE4T3R a book consisting of:
    -their residence #
    -their home server name
    -their player name

    -and were the promo is on the res.
    After that, GRE4T3R will come and give it to you.

    (Use an item frame when you hide it on your
    If you find the promo/promos, all the promos that the player had goes to you.
    (your name will not be given away when you find a promo)


    (If you want a better chance of being picked, watch this thread and follow me on my profile and I will put you on my pick list)


    -Stay quiet and do not let anyone know you have the promo.

    -Act as if you do have the promo and/or use words to mess with other player's minds.


    —If you own a promo, you must keep it in a reachableplace on your residence.

    —The promo can be hidden on your residence.

    —Others must be able to see the promo. (you cannot cover it up)

    —The promo must be in an ITEM FRAME!


    Do not make copies of the promo.

    (I will check each server to see if any are copied)

    All promos are required to stay within the town cannot be hidden in the frontier or wastelands.

    —If a promo is destroyed, private message GRE4T3R and it will be replaced.
    -any form of cheating will not be accepted.

    WARNING: If you choose not to comply with these rules, you will no longer be able to participate in any possible way.
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  2. first

    this seems really cool
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  3. sounds good :)
  4. Unique, love to see new ideas like this instead of the overused ones :)
  5. Me for either smp3 or 5 or 9 have a alt on 9 and moving 4th res to 5
  6. Thank you all for your feedback. Funny story: I was sitting in my room playing EMC a few days ago and I saw this fake(player made promo) that inspired me to make my own. All of those events eventually led to the idea of this. haha Funny how things turn out.
    "world works in mysterious ways"-anonymous
    Thank you all for your support and feedback not sure what i could do without you guys.
    Make sure to tell everyone about The Legend of GRE4T3R's Promo.
  7. Sounds fascinating!
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  8. I am looking for a person who could spell check my first post.
    The first person to send me a fresh new and revised and edited version of the post at the top will recieve:
    REWARD: 64 emeralds
  9. Great, fresh idea, looking forward to it:)
  10. Awesome!!!!! It starts right when my school field trip ends!!!! :cool:
  11. quick shoutout to ultimamaxx for cleaning up the main post. thanks Ultimamaxx.
  12. Sorry it took me so long to get to this. It's a unique idea...something good out of something not so good(fake promos) I hope errbody gets in.
  13. Everyone! Friday is finally here!!! Please advertise this early on today. The one who gets the most people read this thread will get a reward of 64 emeralds. Remember everyone 4:30 central time, be on your server ready and you might get chosen to start with a promo. Good luck to all of you.
  14. Sounds interesting, not sure if I'll join in with it all though
  15. OK everyone.
    We have decided to postpone the event until friday of next week. We have had some arguments break out and some rules that need to be put in.
    We are starting over fresh and the SC of Emeralds is still on the table.
    hope you all understand and respect the decision that I had to make.
    (please give me some feedback about any changes you think would help this event)
    Check this forum throughout the week to see the new rules that will be posted daily.
  16. Hi GRE4T3R,

    Rule Suggestions:
    1) All rules are subject to change at any time (that way if you forget to add a rule and there is an argument you can change the rules to fit what you think is correct)
    2) No block glitching
    3) The hider has the right to ban people from their residence while they are hiding their promo
    4) The hider has 45 minutes from receiving the promo to hide it and allow all people back onto their residence if they so choose to ban people while they are hiding it
    5) Redstone hiding methods (pressure plates, hidden levers, etc.) IS ALLOWED.
    6) Enderpearl allowance is at the discrepancy of the residence owner
    7) No IMPOSSIBLE parkour to reach a promo (by impossible I mean that literally)
    8) Diamond Supporters in Utopia cannot hide it in a place where you must fly to get to it
    9) I don't think supporters should be able hide theirs in Utopia but that is up to you
    10) The only form of deception not permitted is telling your teammate you will share the emeralds, only to keep them for yourself (that would me mean).
    11) Just be nice to people- If there is an argument GRE4T3R's word is law in the sense of the issue (if it is dealing with this promo event). Drop it and nobody gets into a huge altercation where everyone ends up sad. If somebody finds yours accept it (unless they did not follow the rules, of course).
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  17. Hello everyone. Lately I have had much going on and I wanted to apologize for not starting this event. Some issues have occurred lately and I have been hard at work studying for finals. I hope you all understand and will still participate in the event THIS WEEKEND on friday. All those who bought hints DONT worry you will not have to buy them again you will get to use them when we start. Thank you all for dealing with this and staying with me. please spread the word about GRE4T3Rs promo event. I hope this will be fun for everyone and FAIR for everyone. Me and Milwakee have made major changes to ensure that the event is kept in control and everyone has a fun fair time. Thanks and keep crafting :)