[EVENT] That Floor is on FIIIRRRE!!!

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  1. The Empire Games are on break this week.
    Therefore, Firefloor is on Saturday, April 19th at Noon (cst).

    /v firefloor on smp4 to get there

    Don't Miss Out!

    Prize : 10k per round+15k each round (mysterious donation)

    There will be 3 rounds =)

    For the first time, a Orange KrysyyAlt head will make its debut as the official prize for making it to Last Block Standing!!!
    I Hope to see everyone there!!!
    Thanks to darksuperlord for his modeling services =P
  2. :l Can't make it....maybe :(

  3. Krysyy heads; collect the rainbow!
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  4. 4th :3. -not so special :(
  5. Gotta say, I love how you just hold random events. :) I hope that you know how much we, the community, appreciate things like this. Not saying that we don't appreciate all the other work you and the staff do on the server, I'm just speaking in reference to this. :p
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  6. FireFloor is one of the view games staff holds that I have won. It was a testing run so maybe I can win officially this time... I'll try to be there.
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  7. Exact time please.
    Noon is not descriptive enough
  8. 12:00PM CST, 1:00PM EST
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  9. Alright, thanks for clearing that up.
    Hopefully I can make it
  10. Hmmm, I might have a shot at winning this. Not
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  11. I must get that orange Krysyy head for my collection e.e
  12. That head will be mine >:)
  13. Can we not ignore the beautiful model in the picture?
  14. Huh? I didn't even watch it to be honest.
  15. Is the beautiful model behind that guy or something? Cannot seem to find him/her...
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  16. mmm, 1 won this before while it was still in beta testing. Its great fun. Wish i could make it. I might be sleeping.