[EVENT] Taking Drop Parties, to the Next Level

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  1. So some of you may have witnessed a glimpse of this earlier today when I dropped random Diamond Blocks at town spawns. Well, that was only preparing you for what is to come later today.


    Server Wide Drop Party


    4 PM Eastern US, 3 PM Central US, 1 PM Pacific 8/5/2015


    I will be packing my inventory on each server with random items, no junk I promise, and dropping it randomly at the town spawn. I will not drop my entire inventory in one visit, but it won't take long.


    Town Spawn on each SMP (excluding Utopia)


    If you do wish to donate, mail me the items or meet on SMP3.

    This is only one of many giveaways I am hosting at the moment, check out the others below:
    64 Diamonds for 64 Rupees

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