[EVENT] Staple's Blowout Serverwide Lottery! 100k+ Jackpot! [EVENT]

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  1. STAPLE43'S SERVERWIDE LOTTERY Come buy a ticket in the serverwide lottery! Win hundreds of thousand of rupees! Come to smp7 and go to /v staple43 for a ticket to win big time! CURRENT POT: 153,000 Rupees Winners: The winner will be chosen by the List Generator, used through random.org. All the entries go into a list, and then I will shuffle the list, and who ever's name comes up first is the grand winner. Tickets: There are an unlimited amount of tickets available, and each ticket costs 1k rupees. (A little expensive but if you win its worth it!) Money: This lottery is like no other! 100% money goes into the pot! Prize: The winner gets every single rupee that was used to buy a ticket! We have over a 100k jackpot every lottery!
  2. You were the guy who scammed people with your auction:I
  3. About How many people enter for this?
  4. The amount of tickets/entries available (this must stay the same after people have entered your lottery)

    The rules say you have to state how many tickets are available. Maybe saying there is an infinite amount is sufficient, but you should ask a mod.
  5. Also I saw you joined july 10th 2014, how did you get 153k in 12 days?
  6. This thread looks the exact same, and was posted almost at the same time? I'm confused.
  7. The post says unlimited available, unless of course he edited it in just now.
  8. Maybe this one is an edited version? :p
  9. I did not scam, you were the kid that decided to bid 40k for 20k worth of items.
  10. I have 200k rupees, and Im better than some of the players that have been on for a year. Someone donated 30k to the pot, so its pretty big.
  11. Nope.

    You scammed people into thinking it was a full DC,you said REALLY RARE,and chainmail armour and the most recent promo IS NOT rare.

    AND you refused a refund to the winner.
  12. Such cockiness
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  13. Wait I thought lotteries weren't allowed on EMC
  14. I'm pretty sure they aren't allowed on the forums... I'll take a look.
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  15. Lotteries are allowed, as long as these rules are followed..
  16. Hope yall are having fun feeding this guy rupees 1k at a time. There is no way to track how many tickets are sold so he could have gotten 250k from tickets and is listing there is only 153. Id stop buying the tickets if i were yall
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  17. Well, actually, there is a way to track anything that is bought from a player shop. It will be in your Rupee History. It states in the post above, that 100% of the money will be added to the pot.
    But, as it may seem to be a "scam", also take into consideration that the player may have not been on in the last few days, and has been unable to update the thread. In this case, staple43 has not been on since his post on this thread, on Thursday. Before you start making accusations, or jumping to conclusions, I'd dig a little deeper. ;)
  18. rupee history, yes, but how would i see how many are bought? Again, 300 could have been sold and hes stating that 153 are bought. There is no way for a player to see so my statement stands true still
  19. The 153,000 is the starting pot, I don't believe this thread has been updated yet.

    You can see how many you bought, or in his case, how many he has sold, because the Rupee History groups the transactions with each time you click the sign.. (Picture) It could group the sand in stacks, or even all together, but it group it in the amount that it was purchased in. (I sell 32 sand at a time)
  20. Ill just explain this one more time for the heck of it. He(person having lottery) could sell 1k tickets and only say that 100 were sold. Thus keeping the remaining rupees from the other 900 sales and no one else but him(the lottery host) would know the true amount that are sold. Its quite a simple concept to understand. Im not accusing anyone or jumping to conclusions but with unlimited sales of the tickets, its extremely easy to make a profit while saying there is a 100% payout. The only way this would be "legit" in my eyes, would be a screen shot of the sales via shopkeeper after tickets are done being sold and befor the lottery takes place. If you still dont understand, i dont know what else to say. But this is my final post on this thread so take it how you want.