[LOTTERY] Staple's Serverwide Blowout Lottery! 150k+ Jackpot! [LOTTERY]

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  1. Please make sure you are following these rules:

    Lotteries/Pay to Enter Raffles(top)

    Definition: A pool of Rupees collected by the owner of the game in exchange for a 'ticket' (this can by a 'physical' item, such as a piece of paper, or a 'virtual' one, such as the owner's rupee logs). This ticket gives the person playing the game a chance to win the money contributed by the entry fee.
    • Put signs up (in clear view of where players will stand while playing the game) stating:
      • How the winner is chosen (you must keep this the same after people have entered your lottery)
      • The amount of tickets/entries available (this must stay the same after people have entered your lottery)
      • You are not guaranteed to win
      • How much money will be added to the prize, and how much will be kept by the person running the game. For example, "90% of the entry fee will be added to the prize fund, 10% will be kept by me".
      • The cost to play.
      • The prize.
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