[EVENT] Something Fishy "Survival"

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  1. What: Something Fishy - "Survival"!!!
    When: Dec 15th 2019 @ 1 pm EMC time
    Where: SMP7 /waste e - Then head east to the ocean
    Co-Ords: 4248,-145

    This is a player event host by me, BreezyMan

    Discord on Community 1 Voice

    I'm going to be hosting a fishing event in the waste. I'm gonna try do this every other Sunday. I will be picking a random server's waste by an area somewhere near a river, lake, ocean or swamp. The times will vary in the future so that others across the globe can participate in it too.
    You are welcome to build, mine, and fish.
    Just come prepared to defend our village from the dark nights!

    Bring survival gear and plan to build a fishing village complete with fishing docks and all! This is a small twist on Miner Mania. Group picture during the event so I can post it here. Build a fishing village in the waste, survive and having fun fishing. Bring building material and gear or live off the land survival style. That's up to you. It's nasty out there this time of year with all the holiday crazy mobs so be prepared.
  2. Sounds fun, i'll try to be there!
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  3. I might be back in time for this one :)
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  4. Have you asked to have this added to the calendar?
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  5. I did. on events.emc.gs

    It hasn't been posted as of the last time I looked though.

    Edit: I already have the place picked out by an ocean on one of the smp's wastes.
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  6. nice!
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  7. Gonna give a shout out on this event to let everyone know that it is still an event on Sunday at 1 pm EMC time.
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  8. Event starts in one hour at 1 pm EMC time.
  9. Thanks Breezy! Great fun once again. Lots of good kills :)
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  10. I had a blast. Thank you all for coming out this afternoon. I'll post the group pic and take pics of the builds and post them here right after I finish cooking dinner and eating. Anyone who was out at the event will know this. lol. :p people were still out here 4 and 5 hours after the start of the event at 1 pm. This was great y'all. I hope everyone had a good time.

    gonna probably schedule another Sunday after next. Time:TBD Waste: TBA

    Edit: maybe with a twist next time.
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  11. I had a blast, forgot my rod at home and resorted to fighting all of the bosses that ended up spawning,
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  12. Group photo... build pics to come.

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  13. Here are the builds from yesterday's event.

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  14. this picture is actually really funny because.... i didnt know it was happening :rolleyes: i was tabbed out looking at the forums, didnt even know i was in the group picture until this was posted lol
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