[Event] Smp9's 1 year time capsule hosting

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  1. Deathtomb's Time Capsule Event

    Closed Date is ------------ Sunday December 22nd, 2013
    Open Date is --------------Monday December 22nd, 2014

    update: 26/11/2014

    The time to open this baby is coming up ! Ill host the opening event @ 9pm Monday December 22nd, 2014

    /v 18800 on smp9
    Update time: Less then two weeks to go any one and every one is welcome to attend. Even if you have a chest or not there are prizes to be given away!

    Prize list as it stands! -if you wish to donate mail it to me!-


    Disclaimer; Once your capsule is closed the items inside well remain there till the capsule is opened on the "Open date". A capsule is considered closed once a sign goes on it with your name, choose wisely what you wish to place in there!

    Hello Emc and Smp9, ill be hosting a Time Capsule event along side Quarterstops. Why? well ...

    1. Its a great idea

    2. I've been wanting to do something like this since my 1 year drop party but didnt have time to do so.

    3. think it would be a fun event both current and in 1 years time to do this.

    What Should i put in there?

    Ill be doing thing's a little different. Each player shall be given one single chest to add the following

    1.A written book signed by them of why they like EMC and how they have spent their time here so far

    2. a written book of the people they have met along the way and what they know about them like or not write what you wish

    3. a written book about what you hope to see in EMC in a years time "be real aikar can only do so much"

    4.A written book listing the items you wish to place in your capsule " items that you like or love ,maybe your favorite building block at the time, your least favorite building block," so on and so forth. below you sell an example of what i would like to see in the books [all items must be listed in the book or i wont accept them ]
    Brick - my favorite building block because i love to do castle theamed builds
    Dirt - no one likes dirt common

    5.Any other little things that make you laugh

    Some random idea's!

    -map with you favoite place to visit in the wild

    -book with res you like to visit
    -book with locations in the wild you like to visit as in a year you might not remember them all
    -silly rename items
    -well use you imagenation most of all!

    I do require that you sign all books so that in one years time you know that it is infact your stuff.

    Now a few things to keep in mind
    -No one but you shall know what is going in the chest not even me.
    -Even ill be doing a capsule.
    -Keep clean and abide by all EMC rules
    -This is open to any one that would like to join the event
    - This room will be sealed up and not set foot into for 1 year.
    - You once this is re-opened in a year you get everything back but before you unload you chest I would like to get screen shots of your books before you take them or if you would like leave them with me when the event is over

    -if you happen to get perma banned and or quit during this time, your capsule will be open by me only in a years time

    Your Check list
    -Get everything together and follow this thread!
  2. Ok, I like how you gave just the right information:) I'll consider doing with you.
  3. But.... But.... I love dirt (next to melons)...
  4. Mods have a very busy life skydragon, can't blame 'em :) ~FDNY21
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  5. I'll try to donate when I get home tomorrow. At least the waiting time will give me ideas on what to donate.
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  6. as long as you want, this is a message to you in the futur of stuff and people you know now
  7. Death and I are working together, to see if we can't make one large 2013 empire minecraft time capsule!! :D
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  8. I already gave some stuff to QuarterStop :)
  9. Update the room is now open to be explored!
  10. It better be next to melons, Or me and nick...
  11. I am making a flibbin melon temple. Do you think i like dirt more than melons?
  12. Just a temple, Make a altar! and a kingdom with 16 reses!
  13. I would if i had that much money to spend on supporterships and new accounts. Be happy the current one will be next to spawn on SMP8. I am trying to get nicks head to put on display as one of the melon gods. may i have yours?
  14. Oh I cant wait to do this. this is going to be exciting!!!!!
  15. Made a capsule and got it set up with Death. I would suggest everyone reading this to participate. It's going to be pretty epic opening your capsules a year from now and going like, "wut". :D
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  16. 6 capsule filled in only a hour being open make sure you do the required stuff before bringing me your good to store !
  17. bump 1 section is almost filled ladies and gents