[EVENT] September 11th Memorial Service

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  1. Tonight, September 11th, 2016, please join Krysyy at the memorial on smp4 for the annual September 11th memorial service. This is not a party, so don't expect any drops/giveaways. Please also be advised that the memorial service will be held in residence chat and you are expected to be respectful if you attend. Any signs of disrespect towards this day and what it stands for will result in a removal from the ceremony and possible staff action.

    This is not the time for political discussions/arguments. This is simply a memorial service hosted by Krysyy to honor the fallen from 9/11. The memorial residence has been updated and now has a stage, as well as barriers to keep players out of the memorial pools. Please be respectful of other's space when you visit.

    What: September 11th Memorial Service
    When: TONIGHT at 8 pm EMC time
    Where: /v memorial on smp4
  2. I couldn't go to the last one, so I'll try to make it this year. Thank you for hosting, Krysyy
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  3. Thank you Krysyy for doing this, I shall try my best to make it.
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  4. I will try my best to make. Thanks for hosting this, Krysyy
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  5. I will be sure to be there! Thank you Miss Jane for hosting!
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  6. I remember last years, which was quite impressive. Can't make promises on attending this time due to work related obligations, but if I'm online then I'll be there.

    However... I do wish to share my discomfort and slight disappointment about the barrier blocks. That should not been necessary and in a way I feel it takes away the impact of the service. Last year, long after the official part was over, there were still quite a few players there. Some of who I know were closely involved with the whole thing. I think some (very) brief conversation was held, some of us decided to stand on the blocks staring into the pool and we just stood there.

    That was a very powerful moment, one which I remember as if it was yesterday because it made me feel seriously uncomfortable and it actually affected me emotionally.

    However, this was driven by free will, we stood there because we wanted to, we didn't do something stupid as jumping in because we were there to show our respect and remember those who are no longer with us because of this tragedy. Such moments will never happen by simply (trying to) forcing players into certain behavior. Sure, it works on the outside, it might look serene enough. But looks are not what makes powerful moments.

    Not looking to start discussions here, I also understand why this was set up. But that doesn't mean I have to agree with it.
  7. The barriers are set up in a way to allow you to stand on obsidian, just not allowing you to go into the water. While you may feel that it was not necessary, it has caused great disruption at the previous events when there was no barrier in place to keep players from going in. Your philosophical ideal is great and all for your select group of friends, but not all players on the Empire are mature enough to keep themselves out of the pools. I assure you that the impact is negligible on your viewing pleasure of the memorial.
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  8. I cannot make this because of timing but Thank You for hosting this Krysyy
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  9. There are no words I can say that haven't been said before. The feeling I feel today are the same I felt that morning of September 11, 2001.

    I remember walking through the hallways and seeing news footage after the first plane crashed. I stood there at the doorway continuing to watch. Beginning to wonder who did this and how the U.S. would retaliate?

    To this day the only thing I remember of that day is that morning. I still think back and wonder what could I have done to help. Sure I helped send blankets, food, and water. Yet I wanted to do more and I couldn't. I was to young to serve and to far away to help search and clean up.

    Always Remember......
  10. I live streamed the event on my Twitch, and I have it recorded as well. I am rendering it now then I will upload it to my Youtube channel.
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  11. I loved all the stories that the people share with us, and most of them make me emotional to hear the personal things they went through that day <cries>
  12. Twas a lovely ceremony where many a stories of how the day meant to you.
  13. Great ceremony and stories. I came late and couldn't stay to the end, but I'm glad I was able to come.
  14. Thank you for doing this; this is one of my favorite EMC traditions because it's just about remembering and mourning, not about shininess or free stuff. It's the purest tradition we have, that way.

    Thanks, Krysyy.

    Never forget.
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  15. To be honest I have very mixed feeling about this years memorial service.

    I can understand and respect the need for some to share the way they experienced that fatal day, but with all due respect that should not be the main goal of such a memorial. Because this isn't about us, but about those who are no longer with us because of the tragic events which happened 15 years ago.

    It is about the men and women who became the victims of those brutal and cowardly attacks, just as much as this is about those brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in order to try and prevent more misery from happening.

    And we remember those by taking a moment of silence to show our respects. At least we used to.

    Sorry to say this, but I was left a little disappointed that this moment of silence couldn't last for little more than 10 seconds.

    I repeat: this isn't about you or me, this is about those who are no longer with us. Yet I get the uncomfortable impression that with many memorial services (not just this one) many people seem to forget about that. And to be honest that saddens me a bit.

    For the record; after the service was 'over' I logged off and actually did keep quiet for one minute, without any further distractions. And I'm not even an American.

    Show some respect guys... Seriously.
  16. I will try to to show support. Canada and the USA have stood beside each other for centuries, and I have many close friends there.

    Always Remember!
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  17. And here you may have an incorrect view of 9/11 as some non-Americans tend to. September 11th IS about the people that died that day, but it's also about the people that were left behind and the stories that they have to tell. How that day affected each and every one of us tells the story of that day greater than any reading of statistics ever will. We as a nation went from being carefree and invincible to being scared and vulnerable. That's a big deal and for many of us, it shaped our entire lives and how we perceive the world. This memorial was for the lives lost and the way of life that was lost.

    As for the moment of silence, it was actually a lot better than last year. While some players got upset about the *action* in chat, the people doing it had no motive for disrespect. There were *salutes*, *Crying*, etc that showed what that person was doing, not speaking out of turn. I'm very proud of the respect that I saw yesterday night and I hope to see it next year as well.