[EVENT] RET Industries Conference (Jobs Available!)

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  1. Hey all! For all those who don't know me, I like to spend my time out on SMP9's New Republic Outpost. There, I lead the nations largest business, RET Industries. We are involved in a number of things such as shops, hotels and creating infrastructure.

    RET is holding a Conference in Mid June (15th-20th) with the hope of kickstarting the New Republic's economy. There, jobs will be offered on a massive scale and details of the newest projects will be revealed! All sorts of jobs will be on offer, with great pay and a huge number of bonus payments available.

    Everyone is invited to come round to the Wrem National Hall (co-ords x:13800, z: -4640) and check out the fastest growing outpost EMC has ever seen! Details and updates will be posted here, I hope to see you all come June!
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  2. Would go but can't :(
  3. Has this been approved by 72volt???? With the cords and stuff....
  4. That's unfortunate, Skip :/. Its a private conference with nothing to do with the state, I will give you the coords when I am able to!
  5. Would it be possible for me to make a presentation about the Metro system at the New Republic? I would only be available for the 15th though.... Also, I will only be able to present at around 7am GMT or 10pm GMT... :/
  6. Great! That's fine yes
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  7. Alright RET Conference confirmed for weekend beginning Friday 15th June. The Kendrick Bridge final design will be unveiled and jobs related to it allocated. You may want to look at the New Republic Thread (Wilderness Frontier) as this is where it is taking place, Wrem National Hall to be more precise.
  8. Well, this looks awesome
  9. Yes this will be amazing.
  10. Even if it has nothing to do with the state, you still need approval from volt... It's in the new republic, it doesn't matter if its private or not.
  11. Incorrect. We have freedom of movement and assembly, nobody has to grant us permission. Volt would approve anyway, it is encouraging business and activity within the NR.
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  12. Some exciting projects ready to be revealed! Less than 2 weeks until the Conference now, the NR is going to be put into overdrive after the completion of these projects!
    I will be negociating with the Infrastructure Minister over the next week or so in order to finalise plans.
    On the cards: Massive new infrastructure, new transport routes and the construction of RET headquarters!
    I am genuinely excited for the Conference now and can't wait to work with new people on these projects :D
  13. [approval]
    Excellent! ^_^
  14. Alright due to the technical difficulties which have surfaced lately the RET Conference will be starting June 15th instead. I will have details to show that will change the New Republic forever! Under 24 hours to go.
  15. Oh good, I forgot it was today :p
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  16. Has nobody realized there is no Friday the 15th of June?
  17. It's here. The wait is over. The masterplan for EMC's hottest city is to be revealed! Since it cannot fit as an attachment, I will provide an Imgur link. It must be said that it is really just a map of the city with lines slapped all over it :p

    The plan: https://i.imgur.com/QYhjpB8.jpg

    The majority of things you see here have been approved by the higher powers. I have been working with mba and L0tad to make sure they fit in with the overall plan.

    Some of the things you see, such as the Military Barracks and bridge to Inizio, are just ideas, and have not currently been approved. I will discuss it with the appropriate people in order to make them a reality.

    Apologies if anyone finds the map difficult to follow. I will explain it if need be.
  18. Sweet! :D
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  19. A guide for people working on roads:
    Footpath made from stonebrick.
    Actual surface made from stone slabs.
    Surface is 3 blocks wide unless it is a continuation of a road that is 4 blocks wide.
    I advise using stonebrick slabs for the footpaths to increase efficiency.
    Only the footpaths need to be lit up, mobs cant spawn on the road surface.
    When making a road up a hill, make each bit of road atleast 2 blocks before going up by 1/2 a block.
  20. This is awesome!