[EVENT] poofasaurus’s Birthday Extravaganza

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  1. It was an exciting week for the Poofs. poofasaurus’s birthday was rapidly approaching. She was turning an undisclosed number of years old and was so excited to throw a big party for her friends. Long ago, poof had decided that, for her birthday, she would be sharing gifts with others. She had acquired some wealth in objects over time. During this time, she had hoarded away many rare items and promos in order to share them with her friends at a later date. The time had finally come and poofasaurus was excited to throw a large party!

    WHAT: poofasaurus’s Birthday Extravaganza
    WHEN: Saturday, April 2nd at 5pm EMC time
    WHERE: Most festivities will be on smp2, but choosing to participate in the cross-server treasure hunt will take players to other smps as well.

    5pm – Parkour Challenge 3333 on smp2
    1st Place: 100k Tool/Weapon Set
    2nd Place: 100k Armor Set
    3rd Place: Assortment of Promos

    5:30ish pm – Trvia Maze 3333 on smp2
    1st Place: Ore Buster
    2nd Place: Holiday Pick
    3rd Place: Mineral Mincer
    This maze is comprised of 11 small mazes, connected via trivia questions about myself or my interests. Some answers can be found by googling. All questions pertaining to me personally can be answered by looking through EMC’s website. Wrong answers will teleport you back to the start.

    6:00ish pm – Spleef 4200 on smp2
    Prizes Include:
    Maxarian Head, Trick-or-Treat Bundle, Magical Eggcellent Wand, Dasher, Momo’s Toothpick, Super Dragon Poop
    Renamed lilies are hidden. Find a lily, pm me the renamed code, and win a prize :D

    6:20ish pm – Treasure Hunt Begins on 3333 on smp2
    1st Place: Diamond Voucher
    2nd Place: Gold Voucher
    3rd Place: Iron Voucher
    This treasure hunt will take you to different servers. Clues are given hinting at both the place of the next clue as well as where to find the res location name. The answer to the res location and the place of the next clue may not be on the same residence. Please note you should be familiar with how res locations work. Players may also need to venture out into the waste to find clues. There are 3 winners for this event.

    7ish pm – Drop Party! 4100 on Smp2
    Lots of promos and items will be dropped!

    Please note that gifts are not necessary, though there will be a chest to reduce the amount of mail I receive during the event. Additionally, donations for the party are being accepted at /v+poof on smp2.
    Note: Several people have helped to make each of these events possible. In order to not give them an unfair advantage, they agree to not participate in the event they assisted with.

    We hope you are able to make it!
  2. Accepting drop party donations at /v 4100 on smp2.
    Just throw them in the waterfalls near spawn.

    It will also give you the chance to check out the drop party res and the many hidden droppers it has!

    Res built by bitemenow15.
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  4. See you there!
  5. Awesome! I'll do my best to drop by :)

    EDIT: Also Happy Birthday!!! :D
  6. This looks great, thanks Poof! Happy Birthday! I am busy for some of that day (earlier on) but if I can make it then I'll be sure to be there! :)
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  7. I hope I'll be able to attend! :) Happy (early?) birthday, poof!
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  8. I've seen you at events and such, talked to you a bit. You seem pretty cool. But, I'll try my best to be there.
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  9. Sadly its too late for me, enjoy though :D
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  10. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fun time :)
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  11. Very exciting! Can't wait, it's going to be a lot of fun. :D
  12. Sounds like fun! I know of you, hope to become more of a friend with you

    We'll see if I can make it, it's a bit late for me
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  13. yay <3
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  14. Happy early birthday :D

    Hopefully I can make it :)
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  15. Happy birthday
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  16. You can count me in Poof and I will see you there plus happy birthday :)
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  17. Hope, to make it!:D
    Happy early Birthday!
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