[event planning] Halloween Scare Bash!

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  1. Hey guys, just making the thread now, else I will forget...

    Halloween Scare Bash!
    This will be an epic party, of epic portions, the night before Halloween (Oct. 30th.) and the weekend after/before Halloween
    I will be building an entire res for it, and need tons and tons of help... with ideas.
    I've been planning on having parkour, a drop party, and other things like a Halloween Spleef arena.
    All inside the exterior of a Haunted Castle. There will be tons of activities, but I just need to organize them a bit more before I completely edit this thread, including a post giveaway and other contests, like scariest skin.

    So, give me ideas here, and any donations are appreciated. :) Thanks.

    Things actually built:
    (you don't see this... at all...)

    Event List:
    XPyramid Maze - Explore the depths of this mysterious pyramid, but watch out for traps! And spiders...
    Witches Brew - Potion Shop for all your Goblin needs.
    XPiston Box - A dark room filled with a parkour maze with lots of clicks and clocks. Don't fall off!
    XOh the Horror! - A lottery that you can enter by dropping off your head. Don't worry, you won't get it back.
    XHaunted Mansion - Spooky Mansion. 'Nuff said.
    XCake Walk - 3 rounds will be played, and cake involved. Win goodies. ;3
    XJump Scare! - You better jump on this, only 100 slots to have a chance at some rupees.
    XSugar and Spice - DROP PARTY!!! :D
    XLava Monster" - Parkour on lava. No checkpoints.
    "Pumpkin Brigade" - Find your way through the pumpkin patch, wearing a pumpkin. Bonus- Find the Great Pumpkin.
    XDaring Dash - A race to the finish, but watch out... Witches and Scarecrows block your path...
    XHeadless Horse Race - The headless horseman wants his pumpkin back, RUN! This will be a horse race event most likely on smp 3.
    XBrrrains - Zombie Shelter Supplies and Tackle Shop.

    Donator List For me:
    LationSeb - 50k! :D
  2. Oh, and, I'm looking for people that could help me build and plan out some events. ;3 :p Thanks.
  3. I may be able to help. We could even bake muffins
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  4. And maybe pies for cordial
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  5. I would love to help. I just wish it were easier to scare people on minecraft.
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  6. Unless we can start dropping creepers on peoples heads I don't think it'll be easy to :p
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  7. I actually scared Panda when I was wearing a zombie head. She was down in a dirt shack and thought that a zombie was coming after her, but soon realized it was me. Quite a jump scare she had! :p
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  8. Nothing scares me more than seeing an enrage creeper appear outta nowhere..

    I can Help too. Might even be able to donate some stuff.
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  9. I might be able to help planning such an event...
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  10. Gee, thanks guys :D
    I'll post more info and signup things tomorrow. As I said, this is partially for me to organize.
    But, I'll explain the giveaways I want to do when I make the final thread/edit.
    1) a random.org generator, 100 slots for a Halloween Gift Bag with goodies.
    2) Cake Walk.
    3) Oh the horror!...

    So... um, the last one... is my own, still in thought process about how I am going to do it. Message me if you want to help with any projects. :p
  11. :p
  12. Perhaps somebody nice enough could make a custom texture pack for such an event
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  13. Bump!
    Oh the Horror will be a Lottery. :p
    I decided to do a lottery rather than a contest, because Jacob and Madison already have a contest for Halloween, so check them out :D
    It will most likely be to win a prize or something ;3
  14. Yes, that would be awesome!

    I updated the main post for events, and I am looking for someone to build a Haunted Mansion on my Second res. I will only provide the res itself, and after the party, you could take everything back for yourself. If interested, message me. :)

    The pyramid maze is taking a bit longer to make than first thought, because I ran out of sand stone ;P
  15. I can help plan out, and start this bad boy!
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  16. Sweet!
    I have been slowly clearing out my first res for the event. I don't think I will be able to hold everything on one res... since I already have built a huge pyramid on my third res for such a thing... :p

    Anyways... >_<
    I added another event. It's called "Sugar and Spice"...
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  17. Early Bump (btw, since this just for me to really organize is this allowed?)
    So, we might be getting a Roller Coaster for the bash :p
    In other news, I thought up of two more events to hold:
    "Lava Monster" - Parkour on lava. No checkpoints.
    "Pumpkin Brigade" - Find your way through the pumpkin patch, wearing a pumpkin. Bonus- Find the Great Pumpkin.

    Any suggestions are accepted. :p
  18. I'll help with the maze, just give the res number...
  19. Come to ./v 1984(I have a coaster there) if you want hire me to make the roller coaster (no charge)...
  20. Which maze? Pumpkin or Pyramid?
    Either or, they are at 1259.

    Oh sweet, I'll have to talk to Quarter shop some more, because he has a mine that would be perfect for the coaster :p