[Event] Pioneers!

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  1. Pioneers!

    We all know how torn up the lands are beyond the frontier spawns. From grief holes to five million creeper craters, EMC's "keep frontier beautiful" idea hasn't quiite seemed to sink in with some players, or perhaps they were simply unable to fix the damage that creeper caused. So, mighty EMCers, I propose a series of trips on Sundays from here on out (or maybe until we don't need to!) to work on fixing up the frontier spawns. NOTE: we will NOT be building, only fixing the natural landscape of the frontiers. If you start to build structures when you come to this event, you will be asked to leave, and build there another time (this only applies to people who are attending the event - if you are not participating you'll be left alone. Of course I can't force you to leave or stop building but it would be very hypocritical to come to this event and build).

    Time/Date: Sunday, May 15th, 2:00 PM EMC time until 4:00 PM EMC time, or until you decide you're done. I'll probably stay out longer than 4.

    Event Location: The first event will be held at SMP1. Depending on the severity, we may work on a single outpost or many. (I hail from SMP2 and SMP8, so I don't know the extent of SMP1's damage :p )

    Materials will be provided (dirt, sand, stone, cobble, water buckets, etc) but if you'd have any extra materials of the sort to spare, that would be great!

    Come on everyone, I think the frontier needs some help near the spawns! And following Earth Day, doesn't this seem like a fitting event? ;)
  2. I've been doing some of this myself, check out /wild c on SMP2. I'd love to participate in this, but it's on a Sunday. Sundays and Mondays are the only days that don't work for me. I'd be happy to come if it were on a Saturday, though! :D
  3. I may move it to Saturday. I wanted to avoid Saturday merely because there are already a fair amount of things going on then, and I don't want to compete with those any. But if it becomes a real problem I'll move it. ^^
  4. Please, smp5
  5. If this proves to be successful and goes off without too much of a hitch, we will get to SMP5. :D

    I do want to point out something, however.
    There is a difference between cleaning up the landscape, and griefing. I am going to try and ask a moderator to help oversee these events, but of course this is still my event and I cannot guarantee they can come. Griefing will not be tolerated. I don't care if it is a dirt shack with a single chest full of oak saplings inside. There will be no griefing, and hopefully players are intelligent enough to recognize player-made structures from unintentional creations. Flowing water and broken up earth from where someone dug out sand is not the same as an intentionally made pond. The prior means the person was clearly gathering the sand/dirt from the area, whereas the latter was an intentional creation.

    If you are ever unsure about this, feel free to contact me. On these events I will be more than likely watching other players if I cannot get a staff member to join, and helping provide materials. Always ask for help if you are unsure about something. If you grief at these events, you will be warned. After that it is a report and you will be asked to leave the event and not come to future ones.

    Please, if you are interested in coming, don't make this a stressor. This is meant to be a relaxing Sunday event where we all help out at the frontiers, add beautifications, and help out those that plan to start their journeys anew in frontier. A major cause of the resource gathering in frontier is more than likely that when a new player joins, they have the option to go to frontier. If they first see damaged landscape, they probably think it's perfectly okay to mine and damage the frontier. Not only does beautifying the spawns help us regulars as a whole, it can help prevent a cycle of further griefing.

    Thank you and I hope this all goes well! Like I said above, if there are extreme problems with having the event on Sunday, I will move it to Saturday. Once more people express their opinions on that Ill make a decision.
  6. You should supply bonemeal and biome-matching saplings as well, so make it not only look nice, bit make it look natural. :)
  7. That's a great idea, yes! I'll do that. Thanks for mentioning that!
  8. I would like smp7 to be safer as well as Cleaner. I was planning to tear up most griefed buildings and Rebuild homes that were destroyed (The locked chest ones)

    My pixel art has a dark side... Quite literally it casts a shadow causing mobs to spawn.
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  9. I've been (slowly) working on frontier repair myself ^_^ I have several dc's of dirt I can add to this to help. I won't be able to make the event but I can set up some access signs for you for the dirt. I've been focusing on smp1's wild south lately.

    I'm not great with terraforming so everything is kinda boxy looking. And, all I have is dirt so I haven't been able to fix the beach areas. Oh also this part here I believe if you do F3 says it used to be a mesa...
  10. I'm happy to help, if i'm on at that time.
    Maybe we should rotate which server we work on each week as all of them need a lot of help. :)
  11. Might want to get the "tearing up griefed buildings" cleared over with moderators, or other staff. A building, griefed or not, is still a building. There is a heavily griefed castle-esque monument outside of SMP8's wild east, but I wouldn't even consider tearing it down. Likewise, a heavily griefed small shack, should it be treated the same? I don't want to get into this debate, so I'm going to say that just about any structure (as long as it's recognizable as a structure...) should be left alone.

    Either way, perhaps some light should be placed under the pixel art. :p

    ....Hoooly, yeah, okay. Please do that, lol. Based on the fractured remains of that acacia tree, I'm assuming this is a savanna? Boy, yeah, that looks bad. The damage that's been done, that is! Not the work that's been put into it, haha.
    EDIT: Clearly I am blind. That is an oak tree, and you even said f3 says it was a mesa. Whoops. XD

    This was indeed the plan :D In order from SMP1 to Utopia (if Utopia needs help - despite being gold and diamond regularly I don't think I have checked Utopia's frontiers much), we'll cycle through each week.
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  12. Really like this idea and have already been doing this but also I'm pretty sure if someone goes out and starts building in the frontier while ur event is happening you can't tell them to leave... They have permission to build whenever and however they want... Now if it is just a build trying to get in your way you can ask them to stop and if they don't you can get staff but other than that problem then this is a fantastic event!
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  13. my poor trees! other than that nice to see my old boss farming area being cleaned up
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  14. Oh, I know I can't just ask them to leave lol. My comment earlier was if someone were to try and tear down an already built structure that isn't theirs, then they could be asked to leave, especially if they've already been warned.

    So, hope to see you there? :D

    So you used to spawn and kill withers by there? Man, no wonder it's a wreck xD I've seen how damaging they can be... not too long ago smp8 had a little issue with loose withers. They were in the wastelands but still.
  15. If I have any spare time I would be glad to help out!!

  16. As only diamond and gold supporters can use the frontier on utopia there isnt really much damage.
    A few holes from creepers here and there thats all really. Id love to help with this! SMP5 is in need of serious repair. I hope we could gets to repair the frontiers there :D
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  17. Awesome! Hope to see you!

    I've heard SMP5 mentioned a few times now... I'll check out the frontier spawns in detail tonight and see which ones are particularly bad. Instead of cycling through, I will order them in severity (but we'll still do SMP1 on the 15th).