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  1. If the frontier can look like how it did when I traveled to places where only I've been that would be nice. Of course it all depends what I got going on Sunday because I'm usually busy. But if I can I will come on over to help with my trusty horse, Brain Bronzehoof!
  2. Alright!
    We've had quite a few individuals express interest now, and I'd like to add an update here. Before going to SMP1, I would like everyone who is going to gather at the southern frontier outpost, and stay at the spawn until I arrive (or if I for whatever reason am suddenly unable, someone will be sure to let you know and come out to oversee the event as planned). This is because I plan to make a storage setup for boxes with all the appropriate materials, and because I want to make sure everyone understands a few things if they haven't read the thread and joined from hearing about it in town chat, etc...

    If you can't come to the event, then perhaps you could help donate! I will update the thread with a post when I create it officially, but I'm going to make a drop-off on my second residence at /v SlvrBuildsBlocks-2 Mailbox. This residence is on smp8. If you don't want to go to the other smp, you can always mail me items and I can pay back rupees for up to a full mail bar.

    As far as future events go, the next event (AFTER May 15th - so, May 22nd) we will be going to a different SMP's frontier (even if SMP1's is still in pretty rough shape - we can always cycle back if it's still much worse than certain others!). Better yet, here; post below if you think SMP2, SMP3, SMP4, SMP5, SMP6, SMP7, SMP8, or SMP9 should be helped out next!

    As always, I am open to suggestions, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm going to advertise this around the server, and hopefully we get a nice gathering of people. :D

    Tips and Tricks For Surviving A Dangerous Spawn

    1. Watch where you are going! It's easy to take fall damage in damaged spawns. While these craters may be unintentional by the original player who made them, if a single spot is damaged by creepers multiple times in a row, it can become a dangerous pit. Similarly, there are intentionally made grief holes in these spawn areas. Be careful!
    2. Always bring food and a weapon at the very least. These spawns also tend to have lots of overhangs, caves, and slots that monsters can spawn in, even in daytime. Pits in the ground, underneath towers, and sometimes underneath builds even these creatures will spawn.
    3. Turn your difficulty down! Please turn off miniboss and enraged spawns. While these can be great fun to hunt and obviously you won't get in any trouble if they spawn or whatever, they can potentially be problematic. It is asked that you keep your difficulty at the very least on six. Not only that, but in a dangerous and broken spawn area, a momentus could drag you into a pit and skeletons could throw you into similar situations. It's just not ideal conditions for clean-up.
    4. Don't use a horse. Uneven landscape and tons of overhangs can make it dangerous for your horse, and you. It's also very easy for horses to get trapped underwater at these spawns (Ive had horses die this way before, and from taking suffocation damage from random block overhangs).

    ...Aha, only remembered this after I already posted the above. :p If you intend to bring a horse just be careful! It's easy for them to take damage at these areas sometimes. ^_^
  3. Ok I made a space for all 67 dc's of dirt I have for this project ^_^ there's a teleport sign on the left when you spawn in on my main res at 2112 on smp1.
    I have some saplings I can donate along with some bonemeal for growing grass and biome specific flowers.
  4. 9000 Dc of dirt
    Like a boss
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  5. Yess, yesss.... So much dirt XD But that's good! I shall work today on a little hub off frontier south so that that's there for the event already. Saps, dirt, sand, stone, bonemeal, and flowers. You guys are awesome! :D
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  6. Yikes! That's the worst frontier outpost I have ever seen on emc. I like this idea, it's like helping the worlds on each amp. :)
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  7. /v SlvrBuildsBlocks-2 Mailbox is now open for deliveries. :3
  8. You want me to deliver the dirt there? or since it's already on smp1 leave it here to save having to vault it?
  9. If it's already on smp1/you have a good storage for it already, you can just hold onto it. Also, if it's a lot of the item (say.... 60+ dcs of something... XD) don't try and deliver it. There's only 10 or so dcs there XD
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  10. ok that works ^^ then when ever you do work on the wild on smp1 you have free access to that dirt ^_^ no worries of vaulting and moving it around then
  11. Do we need stone?
  12. Yes sir, I'm sure there are places stone would be necessary as opposed to dirt/grass.
  13. This is a great idea. Probably won't be able to make Sundays, but will be working at times on smp6 frontiers. Also have lots of dirt to work with. R
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  14. I'm not going to be able to make this today. My 67 year old great uncle died from an infection this morning at 5:10 AM EST. He was denied proper treatment following a fall that broke his hip and the case will be pursued. But I just do not have the willpower to do this today...

    If anyone would like to take over, please do so. I don't want to call off this event just because I can't go.
  15. So sorry for your loss Slvr! :(
    I spoke to you in game and we have agreed i will oversee this event. The event will go as planned on
    SMP1 in /wild s at 2PM EMC time (If you do not know the EMC time you can type /time in-game to see)
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  16. Starting now.
  17. Pioneers!

    First go-round didn't go quite well, probably because I had a derp and scheduled the event alongside SirTah's ( >.> won't happen again!), and I wasn't able to go. Our next attempt at fixing the wastelands will focus on SMP2.

    Time/Date: Saturday, May 21st, 2:00 PM EMC time until 4:00 PM EMC time, or until you decide you're done. I'll probably stay out longer than 4.

    Event Location: SMP2 - the specific spawn will be chosen before the event begins, but not at this time.

    Materials will be provided (dirt, sand, stone, cobble, water buckets, etc) but if you'd have any extra materials of the sort to spare, that would be great!

    If you are interested, please please please please advertise in the game! I can only be on within a very specific time frame during the week, and I can only advertise every 3 hours of course, therefore, it doesn't get much advertising if only I do it. So, I would GREATLY appreciate it if some of y'all lovely folks could advertise this event, even if you can't go!
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