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  1. Now, on June 3oth, less than two weeks after this thread goes up, I will have turned one year old on EMC. Was I active all that time? No. But its good to reflect on all the things I've done in this time:
    • Made a rather popular residence, The Clubhouse, which has been visited countless times and commended for it's design
    • Made a rather popular settlement, Underhelm, which has also gained a following as one of the only, if not the biggest public settlement on SMP2
    • Actually got one of my ideas in the suggestion box put into the game (the ability to see how much mail we have instead of just "you have mail")
    • Inspired many other builds and attended countless events
    Does all of this sound like bragging? Yes. But it goes to show just how much a player can do in just a year. A lot of people on EMC tend to judge by "age" which I find a bit funny really. Time and time again new players or at least not-four-year-old players have done some amazing things. So it really isn't much about age, but actions, ain't it?

    Well, I suppose its about time I get to the point of this thread. I am turning a year old and I wanna throw a big party for it. And as a symbol of just how much a newer player can do and how much I appreciate the idea of new members, anyone who comes to this event that is under a year old on EMC will receive an enchanted pickaxe, entirely free on the day of the event. For everyone, heres what you can expect
    • One of my Drop Parties, featuring my usual rule of "all the drops being worthwhile" since too many DPs tend to include stuff like carpets or torches. If it isn't worthwhile, at very least it'll be some kind of joke (expect many marriage fish)
    • An Scavenger Hunt around my first res. The item you will be looking for, or in the way you are looking for it, will be announced.
    • Free cakes and cookies for everyone, regardless of your age on EMC. Because who doesn't like cookies and cakes?
    • Potentially a horse race, if I can convince someone to let me borrow a horse track or else make my own (SSRC)
    But yeah, I hope this goes well, and as an early thing, Happy Birthday To Me.

    INFORMATION: 6PM EMC/EST Time, June 30th on my First Res, 3373 on smp2
  2. You may see me there, don't know yet.
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  3. Idk if I can make it but I will try to!! I might have to travel to another state that day for a wedding not sure though :/
  4. I might be able to make that
  5. I will most likely be there. Early congrats c:
  6. I will see if I can come, though who knows.
  7. Ah well... wont be back in time to make it but hope everyone has a good time... most importantly yourselves. Happy first year!