[Event] Monday Minigames!

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  1. Paused Indefinitely
    Unsure if/when I'll start hosting these again
    Hosting one minigame every Monday!

    Next minigame:
    Guess My Picture
    25 Sep 2023
    10pm EMC time (Eastern Time)
    utopia /v +minigames

    Come join the fun!
    Rotation of hosted games:
    Block Bingo
    A game of bingo using blocks instead of numbers. Players set up their own board; everything is provided. Blocks are chosen using a random generator.

    Guess My Word
    A game where players try to guess the host's word. Item frames and alphabet heads are used. Players shout out letters one at a time to fill in the item frames, with the ultimate goal of guessing the whole word.

    Guess My Picture
    A game where players try to guess the drawer's picture. A big white canvas is provided, as well as gray concrete powder to simulate pencil graphite.

    Connect 4 Tournament
    Connect 4, tournament style! 4 boards available for 8 players total. Players play against opponents of their own choosing, and the winners move onto the next round. Red and yellow concrete powder is provided for the game pieces.

    Ice Boat Racing
    Good 'ol fashioned racing in boats over ice! Twist and turn your boats around the packed ice arena and try to finish the race first! Careful, there's obstacles that'll slow you down. Boats are provided.

    In addition, the following games can be played at any time without a host. Most games are available on The_Builder500's utopia res, 5027.
    Guess My Picture
    Connect 4
    Closed for construction: Checkers (luckygirldiamond's utopia res, 5102 checkers)
    Ice Boat Racing
    Elytra Course

    SteamingFire is taking rupee donations to help fund the prizes! Prizes of 10k-45k are given out every week.

    Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoy these games!
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  2. Unfortunately, today's Guess My Word/Guess My Picture was cancelled due to lack of players. We got in 1 round of Guess My Word as a sort of demo game, but I hope that more people come next time!

    Edit: Block Bingo was hosted before the creation of this thread, with 4 players and 1 spectator.
  3. Guess My Word will be hosted on August 4th. See updated OP for details. Hope to see you there!
  4. Guess My Word is tomorrow :3 I estimate the game to last around 30 minutes. This will be a sort of test for the length of time. If the game doesn't last at least 30 minutes, I may also host Guess My Picture.

    Edit: I will host a minimum of 10 rounds, 30 minutes. This means that there will be as many rounds that can fit into 30 minutes, with 10 rounds being the minimum (even if it goes over 30 minutes).

    Edit 2: Guess My Word was cancelled due to lack of players. Didn't get the minimum 3 players needed :(
  5. Battleship and ice boat racing are finally done being built, so I'm hosting a bout of Ice Boat Racing tonight at 10pm Eastern Time! Come join the fun!

    Minimum players needed: 2

    Edit: Event cancelled. No one showed up :(
    Edit 2: 2 people showed up late and we had a bit of fun. two rounds, each person one once :D i really do want to get 4 racers on the course at the same time, though...
  6. I wanna see 4 racers on the track at once, so I'm hosting ice boat racing again next Thursday! See OP for details.

    There is a chance that I'll have to cancel if irl events get in the way. I'd say it's a 50-50% chance right now. I'll know more as it gets closer to the day. If I do have to cancel it, I'll try to reschedule it. I reaaally wanna see 4 racers at once on the track... xD
    Edit: The irl event is gone, so ice boat racing is on!
  7. Happy labor day, everyone! Reminder that ice boat racing is this Thursday! See OP for details.
  8. One more day before I (hopefully) see 4 racers on the track at once...
  9. Great news! 6 people showed up to ice boat racing, and we had 3 fun rounds! 45000 rupees were given away as prizes!

    I'm thinking of hosting minigames every Monday and calling it Monday Minigames! Going to update the OP a bit and ask for the title to be changed to [Event] Monday Minigames! Going to host 1 minigame every Monday, in the rotation order listed in the OP. Next will be Block Bingo! :D
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  10. OP has been updated, title has been updated, and Block Bingo shall be hosted on Monday. Things are looking good!

    (Thanks, whoever updated the title and took away the "waiting for new title" message in the OP)
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  11. An elytra course has been added. Fly through it any time that you want!

    Block Bingo is tomorrow :)
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  12. Had *just* enough people to play Block Bingo--the minimum of 2 people :rofl: :lmao: We had fun!

    Picture of them two innocently playing.

    See you next week with Guess My Word!
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  13. Guess My Word is tomorrow. Bring your friends!

    Edit: I forgot to update the photo in the OP. Photo is updated now.
  14. Hey SteamingFire, I'm pretty close of deciding what other game I'm going to put in below the checkers floor. I'll let you know when I'm done.
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  15. Not enough players showed up for Guess My Word, but see you next week with Guess My Picture!
  16. SteamingFire, I'm going to close the Checkers game because I"m working on some builds on the floor below the checkers game. You can't get in because move and tp are off. I'll let you know when I'm done. I am going to put a subzone on the floor below the checkers game so it's going to take me a while to get it all done. Like I said, I'll let you know when everything is done then I'll open up the Checkers game again. So why don't you update your thread on my Checkers game and let everybody know that the Checkers game is closed until further notice. I would appreciate it.

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  17. ok, thanks for letting me know.
  18. Guess My Picture is today.
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  19. SteamingFire, I"m in game right now on EMC. You popped in a few seconds ago then you logged out. I didn't get to see you.
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  20. Guess My Picture was cancelled. Only one person showed up.

    I'm going to pause Monday Minigames indefinitely. I'm not feeling up to hosting these events anymore. However, there are games that can be played without a host, listed in the OP. Please feel free to enjoy those any time.
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