[Event] Mman2832's Not A Drop Party Party Party Spectacular/14006 Museum Reopening

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Are you going?

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  1. Hey guys! This may be short notice but my museum will be reopening on Monday (labor day) at 12:00 PST or 3:00pm Eastern Standard Time/EMC Time.
    The events will all be held at 14006 on smp7

    To Celebrate I will be hosting a few events with some fabulous prizes!
    Scavenger Hunt
    There will be 24 signs hidden throughout the residence, each sign will have a number on the first and second line and a word on the third line. The objective is to find the 4 signs that relate to a four word phrase. The first number on the sign is the phrase number, the second number is what number that word is in the phrase (if the sign says two the word is the second number in the phrase) and the last line is the the word. There will be a total of 6 phrases for 6 different chests. The first person to tell me the phrase will win that prize chest. Only one prize per person.
    Prizes: 2014 Birthday Cake, Vault Voucher, Stable Voucher, ICC Flesh/Skin, Haunted Candy, A Nether Stars, and other Stuff.

    Flower Contest
    I need some flowers to display outside the museum so bring 1 flower renamed with your name and find the hopper hidden in the museum labeled "FLOWERS". The first 32 people to drop in a renamed flower will be entered into a contest to win 20k. Please only drop 1 flower per person, and please no alts.

    Costume Contest
    The player with the coolest skin will win 10k.

    Hide and Seek
    I will hide in the museum and the first person to tag me will win 15k for round 1 and 10k for round 2.

    If you wish to donate to the event, please PM Mman2832, rupee donations will go towards the flower contest, costume contest, and Hide and Seek. Item Donations will go towards the Scavenger Hunt.
    A Big Thanks to:
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  2. P.S. Please comment here what time works for you, I may change the time if a vast majority of people can agree on a time.
  3. :O i will try to come
  4. Woohoo! I should be able to make it.
  5. Awesome I can make this! (providing my PC starts working again :p)
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  6. I would push it to next weekend, but I really don't want to wait that long, plus it might conflict with krysyy's event.
  7. Just edited mine, I thought the time was different for some reason. I can attend :)
  8. Thanks to jrm531 for donating 10k, there will now be a second round for 10k.
  9. Sure wish i could make it...

    And wow olaf with a healthy donation :eek:
  10. Yep :p

    And this is the first donation in the whole time I have been here that I have not regretted.
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  11. Prizes for the scavenger hunt all set up, If anyone wants to donate physical items, It would just make the prizes better. :)
  12. ...
    Yet. ;)

    Anyways, the party sounds great! It is very well thought out in my opinion. I will have to come!
    See you guys there!
  13. Only about 2 hours 14 min. Till the party, don't forget to bring a flower and your party pants!
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  14. So happy that I fixed my computer. I can finally attend :D
  15. Nah, too late for me :( Have fun though! :)
  16. can't wait! :)
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  17. Only 30 minute, be there or be cubeular
  18. Only if Aikar fixes the servers ;P
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  19. Looks like they didn't restart again after reboot, a simple fix.
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  20. Sounds awesome! :D