[EVENT] Mega party!

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  1. So as mine and ChumMiner's 300th day came near i decided to go talk to Chum about having a joint party. So, here we are...
    The event will include:
    Drop party {Both mine and ChumMiner's heads to be won}
    Grief party {11372 and 11462}
    Armor store opening {ChumMiner will be opening up his new shop}
    Mega mall opening {HannahBB_710 will be opening up her mall at my res}

    The party starts 3pm EDT time

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  2. when is thy party though? or are they at all different times?
  3. It starts at 3pm EMC time. Each will follow after the other
  4. Nice! I might make it, is it today, also can you go through and do messages on the different smp's?
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  5. Its next thursday {i think} on the 9/10/15
  6. Per our terms of use (see link at bottom of post), using likes for the purposes of tracking entrees in this contest is not allowed as it is considered like boosting.

    Due to this, I have removed the statement asking for likes to enter the contest. I would suggest using comments on a thread as a means of entry into the contest.

  7. Egh, we will jut not be as generous and leave it :mad:
  8. wait so its thursday the 10th? you didnt specify which day
  9. Looks like staff removed it :confused: 9/9/15
    What problem do they have with a date???
  10. today, so its going on right now
  11. BUMP! Party is today in 3 hours{ish}
  12. *screams at life* I will not make it *sob sob*
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