[EVENT] Firefloor

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  1. Sunday Firefloor:
    Doctor Who Edition :cool:
    When: 4:00 pm EMC time.
    Where: Games Server
    How to play: firefloor.emc.gs

    There will be 3 rounds. All will be single floor.
  2. I'll be there, I think! First again :p
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  3. So there
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  4. I'll try to get there:)
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  5. I'll try my best to attend!
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  6. Lights out you say?
    Not sure if I will make it. On one hand, I want to play firefloor in what will hopefully be a fairly deserted arena. On the other hand, it is at midnight. Will probably play firefloor because only 10pm here.
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  7. Next event: Tonight at 5:30 pm
    I'm subbing for Rainbowchin's Event, but I have to get home first =P
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  8. I should be there :D
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  9. Probably Gonna Be there :p
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  10. Ummm....What is triple? :eek:
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  11. Triple floors i believe, three floors. If you fall, you land on the next floor. Fall three floors and you lose.

    Anyways, cool event! I will TRY to be there. TRY.
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  12. Throwing in a 5k rupee prize for the winner of each round. I will not be returning around 8pm EMC time so please contact me for your payment should you win.

    Edit: Ignore last sentence. :p
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  13. I'll be donating 10k per round to the winners. And I know at least two more mods are dropping some on this.
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  14. I wish I could come!.. School ;-; My excuse every time :p
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  15. Can i ask who makes all of these amazing graphics for the events?
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  16. I think alex but i could be wrong
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  17. Combination of some people, but this one is alex.
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  18. Things totally didn't break at fire floor :p
  19. I had to make sure that as a substitute for RainbowChin, I followed his methods in every way. Including breaking things =P
  20. But he usually doesn't break fire floor i do with tnt :p
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