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  1. Congrats Toade :3
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  2. Happy birthday Evil! I'm looking forward to the event :)
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  3. SMP7 2 minutes!!!
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  4. Of all the times for my internet to crash
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  5. Aww sean missed you there :( its ok
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  6. Everything went great, and the little place I was hiding somehow turned into that ^

    First Place Winner of 1mil rupees - ChickenDice
    Second Place Winner - PeculiarPotato - Ore Buster
    Third Place Winner - EpicSubtastic - Ore Buster

    I also randomly went to all the smps and gave away another 3 or so million in promos. Love you all, and love this server more than you will ever know.

  7. Darn it toade, another one too late for us tea-sipping scone-nibbling chip-frying brits :p
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  8. well done to the winners!
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  9. Anyway, I found you first, since your first words were fBuilderS (;
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  10. hey guys, I died out there and the bed did not work for some reason. If anyone found my remains you could let me know, If not then oh well.

    I had a great time. Thanks Toade!
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  11. Eviltoade, you are extremely generous!
    Thank you for doing this
    and Happy Birthday!
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  12. Happy belated birthday. Sorry i wasn't able to attend. Hope all had fun though and congrats on your 2 years with EMC.
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  13. Happy Birthday Toade! I am sad that I missed it, didn't see this thread until just now :D

    And we all love you too Toade!
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  14. Thanks so much! My EMC family is good to me. :)
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  15. Another Happy Birthday To You!! I was there and it was great, I had a blast!! And in the pic you took and posted my you can see my back faced to you :p