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  1. What: My second year Birthday Party
    When: 4/26/2016 9pm server
    Where: TBA

    This evening I will be holding my 2 year birthday party on one of the SMPS!! The event is very simple: I will be hiding somewhere in the Frontier and if you are the first person to find me you will win 1,000,000r. Second and third place winners will receive an Ore Buster! There will be some runner up prizes of random Promos as well. Hope to see you all tonight!

  2. Can't wait!
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  3. Wow! Super generous of you, will be hard though!

    Happy second year on EMC!
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  4. nice event ;)
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  5. Awesome! Happy (2nd) Birthday
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  6. Sadly can't get on :(
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  7. /tp BigDavie EvilToade

    I win!
  8. Happy EMC second birthday toad! Glad your turning two today and all. They grow up so fast ;(

    Just a question though, will cake me served? Or will I need to bring some pies for myself tonight :p
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  9. Niiiice, Happy Cake Day Dewd!
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  10. Darnit! Once again, I'm at school. Happy birthday toade ;)
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  11. Happy Bday Toade! So will we get hints? It's a pretty big frontier out there...
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  12. Toade if you wanna hide at my base I can get you setup :)
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  13. Hmm, Interesting... Although- It all depends how far out you decide to hide.

    Might participate... all depending on the smp.
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  14. Happy second bday buddy :p

    (Warning to ALL players that will be attending, I WILL win) :cool:
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  15. Happy 2 years toade. :) Unfortunately I won't be able to participate due to projects I have to finish for people.
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  16. :D congrats on 2 years <3
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  17. lol Davie
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  18. i'll be there can't wait! :D
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  19. Happy Birthday! You rock Toade!
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