[Event] Farmer's Market at 5111

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  1. Next Event: 6 January 2021 at 17:00
    It's here; the third iteration of the Farmer's Market! :D

    What is the Farmer's Market at 5111?

    On 5111, there are a collection of stalls and small shops that I refer to as the Farmer's Market. People who want a stall at the Farmer's Market can see the last section at the bottom.

    What is a Farmer's Market?

    The best definition I could find is on dictionary.com:

    a market or group of stalls and booths where farmers and sometimes other vendors sell their products directly to consumers.

    How does this work?

    Anybody can sell their own items at their own personal stall at the Farmer's Market! Those willing to participate will be provided with a stall so that, when they're ready, they can set up shop signs and fill the chest with items, then sell the items for a profit. Each vendor will have their own subzone with a stall in it.
    For some vendors, this will be their only shop. However, for others, this can be an opportunity to advertise a larger shop. The stalls can be as general or as specialised as the vendor would like. It's up to you! :)

    When is this event hosted?

    Currently, the logistics of the event are still being planned. However, my vision for the event is as follows:
    • At least once every other week
    • Move flag will be off on the residence except during the event
    • Each event will have its own unique twist, e.g., scavenger hunt, trivia, etc..
    • The finishing touches are still being worked on! Donations and help are very much appreciated.
    • The best way to help us right now is to get a stall!
    How do I get a stall?

    If you want to obtain a stall, you can either find me and message me in game, or PM me at http://pm.emc.gs/wafflecoffee!
    How much are the stalls?
    0 rupees.
    Why don't you charge for the stalls?
    I want these to be a public utility for everyone to use, not just those who can afford it.
    Are the residences open all the time?
    No. It is an event, hosted every so often.
    What's the history of the Farmer's Market?
    The Farmer's Market started out as an event on SMP2, at 4567. This eventually evolved to be on 5 residences at the same time, before being downscaled again to 5618. Now, it's at its (hopefully) permanent location on 5111.
    Can I have a stall?
    Of course :D https://pm.emc.gs/wafflecoffee
    How many stalls am I allowed to have?
    One per person.
    Did I leave something out? Any other questions/concerns/comments? PM me using the link in my signature!
  2. Love this event!
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  3. Boomp
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  4. Great of you to bring back Farmers market :)
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  5. Bump! Tentative date for our first event is 29 August at 17:30 :)
  6. Due to scheduling, our first event will be on 29 August at 14:30 if something doesn't go wrong last-minute :)
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  7. Woo! The Farmer's Market is officially open! Come visit some stalls (mine too pls ;_; )
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  8. We had our first hour and a half event today~! The events would usually be half that length, but the grand opening is special. :p
    Stay tuned for our next event date! :D
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  9. I had fun. Happy to be a part of this! :D
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  10. Our next event will be on Sunday, 13 Sept. at 12:30 :)
    This time around; Scavenger hunt! A few different types of blocks will be placed around, and once you find those blocks, you'll get a certain rupee prize! More valuable blocks will be placed inside active stalls, and if you find something you like inside the stalls... Why not buy it? ;)
    The stalls will be open until around 13:10 on the day of. :)
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  11. I look forward to it! Already building up some more stock. :D
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  12. Bump! Event starts in about 15 minutes at 13:15 due to last-minute scheduling issues :oops:
    Will be open 'till about 13:55. :)
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  13. After a very rocky start (:oops:) we had a fun scavenger hunt, where about 15k in prizes were handed out! Congrats to The_BaconPotato, sonicol, and Milosaurus_Rex for getting most of the prizes :)

    RIP in piece Fosh, 2020-2020
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  14. We laughed, We cried, We found,

    But most important of all

    We fosh

    Together. rip in peace lil buddy ;-;
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  15. Live, Laugh, Fosh. ;-;
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  16. I apologise for the lack of events on my part! Since school has started, my schedule has been somewhat inconsistent. :( I have both some good news and bad news:
    I transferred ownership of this res to my main account!
    Pro: The residence is now permanent protected! :)
    Con: All of the shop signs are broken. :mad:
    This means that all vendors with shop signs currently placed will need to unfortunately re-place the shop signs. If you're able to do so ASAP that would be appreciated. Again, I apologise for the inconvenience.

    That being said; assuming my schedule allows it, the next event will be on Friday, 23 October at 19:00 EMC time. See y'all there! :D
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  17. I'll try to get there this time waffle! school doesn't like my minecraft schedule but ill try to be there!
    Btw I'm in german class rn lol.
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  18. Bump, next event 6 January at 17:00 :)
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