[EVENT] Empire Games: EnderPong!

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    It is finally that time. As the Empire Games draw to a close, our final official event is EnderPong!*

    Qualifiers start at 12:00 pm (noon) emc time on Saturday, June 28!
    Finals will be Sunday, June 29th at 1:00 pm emc time.

    Practice at /v emcgames on smp8 and bring your enderpearls!
    While practicing please be courteous of other players and take turns.


    How the Game Works:
    -Stand on the throwing platform and attempt to shoot your ender pearl into one of the ten 'cups' in the arena space.
    -If you land on the edge of the cup, it still counts so drop onto the iron plate inside in order to 'knock out' the cup.
    -Go to one of the teleports to jump back to the platform for your next shot.

    For the qualifiers, you will be given 16 ender pearls to try to knock down 10 cups. Every extra ender pearl you have after all 10 cups are down will count toward your total for a maximum of 16 points if you are the ender pearling master =P

    *Notice I said last official event. The Villager Tennis Event will still occur, but it will not be counted toward the official empire games due to having no discernible point system possible. This event will be "for fun only" and will be held sometime after the Empire Games Closing Ceremony. Actual date is not yet determined.
  2. The event I've been waiting for, awesome :cool:
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  3. I've been waiting for this :cool:
  4. what's the "games server"?????????
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  5. Not the place for this conversation =P
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  6. So there will be no medals awarded for villager tennis? Gotcha. :) Looks like I'm going after Ender Pong! :p
    EDIT: The arena looks awesome, btw! :D
  7. oh right, then I'll make people wonder (like what happened with emcgames hehehehe)
  8. Yeah. There was no real way of making a point system that couldn't be argued with.

    You can thank B4DMAN5IMON for the arena looking so amazing =)
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  9. Ok time to practice! But with the ender pong irl.
  10. Can we pratice now?
  11. Yes
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  12. Are there specific times per server? I say this because I won't be able to be there at the beginning (okay, a lot of the beginning). If I get back before it ends, would it be possible for me to participate, or not? Thanks.
  13. The plan at this time is for there to be a waiting list. You will sign up via a form and it will tell me the order. If you need ot go later, then that's fine.
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  14. i got a use for my skydive to the roof of the emc games :D
  15. Awesome, thanks! :D
  16. I will probably play if we're here then.
  17. Starting in just under 3 hours.

    You will sign up by filling out a google doc form that I will post at 11:30. This will determine the order that you compete in and will have a section for you to tell me what server you compete for.

    *You MUST have a res on that server or you will be disqualified. Please message me for any questions about this.
  18. Sign up is now open: emc.gs/enderpongsignup
    Line visibile and results at: emc.gs/enderpongline
  19. I would like to sign up as at the time i was away