[EVENT] Empire Games. Boat Racing.

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    Finals start at 3 pm EMC time on Sunday, June 8th.

    Practice at /v emcgames.race

    You will be given 10 boats at the competition to try to make it through the course.
    No jumping the walls.


    smp1: wipple5, tedrocker
    smp2: kevdudeman, equablehook624
    smp3: kirashizumi, bluer123
    smp4: hashhog3000, (open)
    smp5: samsimx, (open)
    smp6: nathanrp, jay_the_miner
    smp7: sonicol1, portalshoo2er
    smp8: flamingarrow22, frostbrewed
    smp9: captaincraft300, btharrold08
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  2. Yay! Something to keep me occupied!
  3. what happened to the villager ping pong game?
  4. Postponed until I can reschedule. I had this all scheduled out and then it didn't work right so I have to juggle things to fit it on a new day.
  5. Woot woot! I'll try to make this =)
  6. Picture is a wee bit outdated...
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  7. your hunger bar doesn't show when you're in a boat (same with minecarts)
    btw I have 3 minecrafts open cause I have three accounts
  8. Your EXP bar shows though.
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  9. And graphics are better.
  10. you can actually make a minecraft screenshot look old by turning everything all the way down or off with optifine and lowering the resolution
  11. Could you share the Google doc of who's competing please :) I forgot if I was :p
  12. just attempted to do the game, and i used 15 boats xD
  13. Totally forgot I was competing in this xD
  14. Its gonna be hard :D
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  15. Is it too late to sign up?
  16. just show up and message ignoramoose when you get there since he will be handling the signup sheet today
  17. Great, Thanks!
  18. One hour until the event starts. Please message ignoramoose in-game (once he logs in) to reserve your spot in line.
  19. What server? When I say /v emcgames.race it says invalid residence.
  20. smp8...
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