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  1. So I decided to open this thread up and just make a new thread per event. Please feel free to comment =)
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  2. I will be looking forward to practicing with my fellow zombies today:)
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  3. it looks cool but /v emcgames.arena does not work


    EDIT: you changed it lol
  4. wanna FYI that im on SMP8 but possibly moving to SMP9 before the event so i put SMP9 just in case
    this posst is for when i can get ahold of Krysyy
  5. Can the archery practice be more than one person during practice times (if possible)?
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  6. It won't be accurate, but you can try
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  7. Good luck all players!
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  8. I don't think i can make it, because i have to go to a festival. I might be able to, but not likly.
    Which is a shame, because archery is my favorite event D:
  9. I signed up, but I don't think that I can make the Qualifiers. I am leaving for camping at 11:00 AM PST today, and wont be back until like before noon on Sunday PST. So unless the time is before then, I may be able to make the Qualifiers. I tried to Google search the time, but for some reason I couldn't find anything that translated to PST. I would hate to miss archery, but I love camping too, maybe I could watch a few glimpses. Go SMP9!
  10. Can you go to emcgames arena right now?
  11. How long till I qualify?
    No seriously, I can't stand the suspension.
  12. Oh, darn. I have to leave right now :(
  13. I was trying to get to the place where the game's take place and I don't know how. And I need to know how so when more events come I don't miss them
  14. It's /v emcgames on smp8. Walk forward until you're in the building, and you'll see the teleports to either the arena when it's open to your front, or the stands to your left and right :)
  15. I just tried to get on i dont have permission to go on the res
  16. How come the place isn't open for practice?
  17. It say's that residence could not be found on any server
  18. Make sure you are spelling it right. It works for me still
  19. Are you doing /v emcgames or /v emcgames on smp8?