[Event] Drop Party starting in about an hour!

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  1. Hey everyone! I had plans to do a scavenger hunt this month but with the 1.5 update things got pushed back so I decided I would host a drop party instead.

    I will be dropping tons of different kinds of items including some enchanted things, diamonds, quartz, gold, redstone, lapis, wither skulls and even a beacon! So come join the party!

    Where: SMP 1 534

    When: ~8:45 pm EST (about an hour from when I post this)

    A special thanks to the donators :)

    MVPdrose- 64 Gold blocks, 64 Cauldrons and 3,582r
    Slash14450- 10,000r, 64 diamonds, 64 emeralds, Looting III Enchanted Book
    Jrm531- 7,000r
    Generalfelino015- 32 Lapis Blocks and 64 slime balls
  2. omgomgomgoogogomogmgoogomgmogommgo i have to be thare:eek:
  3. Excellent. I shall attempt to be there.
  4. Sounds real cool! I think I'll donate some god enchants for you to drop. :)
  5. Still at work. :eek:
  6. starting!
  8. Congratz on having the longest drop party ever!
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  9. Hope everyone had fun :D . The drop party lasted over 1 hour and 45 mins and over 10 d/c of goodies where dropped. I dropped almost a d/c of xp bottles over everyone's heads too.
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  10. Oooh so it was you holding the party? I'm sure it was awesome, I was just reading people in town chat going crazy about the great things they got xD Thanks for creating entertainment and fun, it was very generous of you and donators.
  11. Well, not everyone is good for group photos but I got a few of us in one!
    2013-03-29_22.27.13.png 2013-03-29_22.27.16.png
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  12. If anyone took any screenshots post them here :)
  13. The guy in the green armor kept blocking people's view! xD
  14. By the way, I dropped about 2 double chests of god enchants and 1 double chest of level 30 enchants. :) Hope everyone had fun.
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  16. I seriously dont know how you can handle enchanting all this stuff...... takes soooooo much time and effort...... and yet you just toss it lol (literally). I hate enchanting say a double chest of items in a 1 week span. when i did my DC of ench book auction, it took me 2 months xD. Either way we all appreciate you givin us free goodies as well as ero.
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  17. I dropped some renamed items!
  18. Screenshots!

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  19. I keep seeing my left eye in the photos...