[EVENT] Day of Chance - Harvest Day!

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  1. Just gonna copy this for people who don't want to look for it...
  2. Thank you all for coming! Today's luck head winner is VoidDistortion! Congrats :D
  3. Prepare to chop trees and harvest crops! It's time for...

    Harvest Day!
  4. Thank you all for coming to today's Harvest Day! I think that's the busiest I've ever seen it. :D I hope you all got the materials you needed!
  5. It's time to say hello to some cool new mobs! Sharpen your swords and join us for...

    Mob Arena!
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  6. I may or may not be ready to die several times.
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  7. I might be able to make this one!
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  8. Event delayed until 5PM to allow enough time for The_Boulder's event to finish. See you then! :D
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  9. Thank you all for coming to Mob Arena today! We had two item rounds and two no item rounds, followed by a boss round. I loved the names you all suggested! Keep it up ;)
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  10. Really wish I could make it, but family comes first- had to hang some ornaments!
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  11. I hope it looks great! :D
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  12. I'm sure you've all see a lot of the Nether recently, but it's time forrrrr

    For today the event will be starting at 1:00PM -- see you there! :)
  13. I actually might go to this since I have nothing going on today
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  14. Thanks for joining us today! After the first round, Netherspleef decided it was time to break again, so we finished up with a few rounds of Fistfight :D
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  15. With the new year, I would like to welcome a new event! *drumroll*

    Funday Festival!

    This event will take place at the /fun residence on SMP3. This is one of the special larger residences on EMC, and features a rollercoaster, mini golf, waterslides, parkour, spleef, and more. See you there! :D
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  16. Thank you all for coming! We spent some time racing around sewers, riding the rollercoaster, and playing a good ol' classic game of spleef. See you next time! :)
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  17. Grab your tools! It's time forrrr....

    Harvest Day!
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  18. Thank you all for coming today! I hope you were able to get the materials that you wanted. I'll look into adding some of the newer stuff soon. :D
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