[EVENT] Day of Chance - FireFloor!

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by MoreMoople, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. Sounds about right
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  2. For now they are all on Sundays, but that may change in the future. :)
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  3. I've rolled the die, and without further ado... The next event is.. *drumroll*

    PvP! (Murder that Moople)
    See you all soon ;)

    Moople's Head Policy for this Event:
    I will be writing down the names of everybody that kills me. At the end, one name will be selected at random, and that lucky winner will receive my head! :D
  4. Whomst ever gets the head of the great frog goddess... I want.
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  5. This is madness, I like both Moople and frogs. I couldn’t possibly partake in this one. Defense anyone? :p
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  6. a defense system would be very cool
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  7. I set an alarm for this, I'm gonna make it (hopefully) :D
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  8. This sounds fun... I'm in. :)
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  9. Definitely coming, I need a Moople head
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  10. Thank you all for coming! :D Constant blur of people attacking me, haha. 14 players made it onto my potential head list, but Sonicol1 was the winner! Congratulations :)

    Keep an eye out for next week's event ;)
  11. That's a fun idea! Unfortunately it's still too late for me. :p But oh well, I don't really mind, I have plenty of fun things to do. ;) I am hoping to be able to once attend firefloor again, though, as I really enjoyed that event!
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  12. The next event is.... *drumrollll*

    Ocean Explorers!
  13. Thank you all for coming to Ocean Explorers! See you all for next week's event :D It was on SMP7 waste SE to the East, for anybody interested in checking it out. :)

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  14. The events are on a roll! The next event is... *very intense drumroll*


    Personal update:
    I have a job now! :) This may mess up event times, but I'll do my best to keep hosting :D See you all at Fistfight!
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  15. Hm, was this cancelled? ;) I frankly think that's fine, the virtual die roll result seems effective enough. :)
  16. Everything started back up again and I haven't had the time, haha. Maybe when things calm down a bit ;)
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  17. Thank you all for coming to Fistfight today! :D We had a total of 5 rounds, and a decent amount of lava ;) (hehe, buuurn!)
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  18. Moople is a fire bender confirmed
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  19. Tomorrow's event will continue on as usual! The next event isssss....

    Firefloor! Prepare to burn... Moophahaha!
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  20. you host many events, more. if you had moretime, possiblé moremoople may make moreevents. 😝
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