[EVENT] chickeneer's Floor of Fire | (3pm EMC time)

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  1. FireFloor


    What: Firefloor
    Where: /v firefloor; on smp4 (/server smp4)
    When: Next Event is 8/23/2014 at 3pm EMC time (EDT) /time.
    Why: For a Rockin' Great Time!!!

    Come by for a chance to win some Tokens, random donated prizes, and of course Bragging Rights!

    All chickeneer FireFloor winners receive 1 ChickenEar head in their winners chest. So far: 19 handed out!

    There will be 2 regular firefloor; concluding with a Multi-Level round.
    -300 token prize for regular firefloor
    -500 token prize for Multi-Floor

    Link: http://emc.gs/ffChicken
  2. Woot woot! So going to attend =)
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  3. Cool! Maybe, not sure yet
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  4. Sweet hope i can attend
  5. Thanks, chickeneer! Sounds fun! :D
  6. Dang it.I have to go at that time, another epic time!
  7. Hopefully someone can join me in the Last Block Standing Club today :D
  8. Maybe you could join yourself in the club :D

    Starting in 16 minutes
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  9. Thanks to all who came by for the event! We had 3 winners!

    • RubbishRhino - Regular
    • samsimx - Mult-floor
    • PortalShoo2er - Regular
    Follow this thread for future chickeneer FireFloor events!
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  10. Okay! time for another FireFloor, will try and make this more regular. :D

    About 14 hours from THIS post
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  11. Looks like I'm not going to sleep c:
  12. 3pm PST :( I'll still be at work.
  13. YAHOO faith floor is super fun :)
  14. firefloor
  15. Is it working now? Starting in 57 minutes
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  16. Congrats to our #2 Winner of Last Block Standing! Seffychan!
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