[EVENT] CDJS1987's 100th Day Pixel Art Contest (25K + Voucher Prize!)

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  1. Event Type :
    Pixel Art Contest

    Event Description:
    In celebration of My 100th Day on EMC ( My 100th Day Intro ) , I’m hosting a pixel art contest.
    Create 2 small pixel art panels following the guidelines below.

    Event Dates:
    Contest Start Date: March 1st, 2015
    Contest Deadline: April 5th, 2015 @ 11:59PM EST

    Winner’s choice of either a Stable Voucher or a Vault Voucher, and 25K!

    Rules and Guidelines:
    Entries must follow all guidelines to be considered valid.

    To participate, design 2 coordinating panels of pixel art with the following dimensions:
    One Panel that is 8w x 28h
    One Panel that is 15w x 28h
    Remember, two separate pieces of pixel art (one of each size) are required for a valid entry!

    The theme of the pieces must be on one or more of the following subjects: sugar cane, paper, villagers, emeralds, plants, nature items, waterfalls, or landscapes. The pieces are very small, so simple is probably better. Please post any questions regarding theming in a reply to this thread.

    Please avoid using precious blocks, such as emerald, diamond, quartz and gold, as I will be building this in-game.
    If you are using a program that isn’t specifically designed for Minecraft, please make sure your colors are matching up as best as possible to game blocks (default texture,) and provide a color-to-block key.

    Entry Format:
    Submit your pixel artwork as an Image file, in a reply to this thread. You may use any program you wish to design it, as long as your submission is a standard image file, and there is a grid or other means to determine block placement.

    Judging is left solely to my discretion. I will choose a winner based on a combination of: adherence to the guidelines, aesthetic value, and personal preference.

    Announcing the winner:

    The winner will be announced via this thread and private message on April 12th 2015, and the prize will be mailed out upon the winner’s decision.

    Good Luck to all contestants! I know we have some great pixel artists here, and I hope the small size creates a unique challenge for you all! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!
  2. These panels will be installed on my alt, TheRootSeller’s, residence. I’m providing a picture of the installation space for contestants to get a better idea of the project, but actual dimensions can be found in the rules and guidelines above.

  3. does it have to be like the photo above?? answer this reply right away plz.
  4. No, not at all, this is the space where the pixel art will go, it will be where the sand panel is.
  5. Tempted to enter
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  6. Please do! I am not very good at this type of thing, and I need the panels to cover the back of those monstrosities. :D
  7. Bump! We're about halfway through the contest run time with no entries so far. I'm still hoping and look forward to seeing all your beautiful artwork!
  8. Last call for any entries; There is about one week left of the event. I will not be extending this event.
  9. Contest officially closed.
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