CDJS1987's 100th Day Introduction

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  1. Hey Everyone!

    So, it’s been an amazing 100 days here on EMC!

    I was hesitant to try an online server, but I have to thank Alain1087 for turning me on to The Empire. I love the community and staff here, the grief-proof plots, the economy, the forums, and so much more. Now that I’m more familiar with how everything works, I wanted to take this opportunity to do an official Introduce Yourself thread, as well as host a small contest to celebrate.

    * About Me *

    Yes, the '1987' is a hint to my age: I’m 28 *gasp* years old
    My favorite color: Green
    My Favorite animal: The turtle; I love all of them, but if I had to choose one it would be the sea turtle.
    Interesting fact:
    I spent 3 years working at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Fl. I completed The Disney College Program with a ‘Mouseters Degree’ in Hospitality Management and a ‘Ducktorate’ in Leadership (Yes, This is a real thing people.)
    When I was done with my program, I trained other college students, as well as international students from around the world. All-in-all it was an amazing expirience; and riding Everest or Rockin’ Roller-coaster for free after work is pretty much the best job perk I’ve ever had.

    So… let’s see. I’ve been playing Minecraft for quite a few years now. For the last few years I’ve played mostly creative mode, so it’s been kind of nice easing my way back into survival. I love gigantic themed builds; Alain1087 and I have put together some massive ‘empires’ of our own off-server. Some of the builds I’ve found here take my breath away. It’s so nice to have a survival server where players can build masterpieces like this without fear of griefers.

    Since being here on EMC I’ve been building a lot of farms, it is an economy, also, after all. I make it my personal mission to use my space efficiently so that I am in constant range of as many things as possible. It’s like a giant 3d logic puzzle for me.

    The idea of community has also really inspired my building direction a great deal. My home res is on SMP9, but I’ll admit it’s a mess; mostly underground test areas and storage. The build I’m passionate about is The Party Garden in Utopia, which is geared towards hosting player events. You can check out my updates in this thread:

    Aside from my personal builds, I’ve been building away on a 4-res plot for my alt TheRootSeller on SMP9. The PixelArt pieces chosen from my 100’th Day contest will be featured on this build. TheRootSeller’s 100th day will be in April and I will be posting a lot more about that when the time comes.

    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Empire Staff, who have been amazing, and helpful, and really just awesome guides and role models for everyone in The Empire. I want to shout-out to SMP9 and thank everyone who helps and contributes in town chat. You all make Empire Minecraft the wonderful place that it is!

    I’d also like to wish Alain1087 a Happy 100th Day!
  2. Happy 100 days cdjs. The Empire is a great community. :)
  3. Thank You! I agree.
  4. Happy 100 days! :)
  5. Thank You :)
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  6. Happy 100 102 Days CDJ!
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  7. Woot! Grats! :)
    And "welcome" to the EMC community!
    Nice post. :p
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  8. Thank you Nccoryg and PineappleGem !