[EVENT] Builds's 500th Day Arena Drop Party

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  1. EDIT 7/23/2015: This event has been rescheduled for Saturday August 1st, 6pm EMC time.

    Event Type: Arena Drop Party

    Location: SMP4 res # 8483

    Time: Saturday August 1st, 6 pm EMC time (EST)


    An underground cavern. A crowd of people. Platforms. Catwalks. Tunnels. Player-Launchers. Giant mushrooms. Mooshrooms. Tons of droppers. And 175,000 300,000 375,000+ rupees in items.

    What's not to like?

    Please note that horses, enderpearls and potions will be disabled, so don't bother bringing them. You must rely on your luck and skill alone to grab those items! Enderchest access will be provided.

    Please plan on showing up AT LEAST 5 MINUTES EARLY as you will want to explore a bit before the droppers start.


    Donations: If you are feeling generous, I would deeply appreciate any donations. I've set up a hopper on my 8483 res at the front door. Be sure to leave me a PM on the forums or a signed book in the hopper letting me know what you donated.

    My thanks to the following Contributors:

    alexisnowball3: Pi Pie, Dragon Stone Fragment, 500+ mob eggs, horse armor, too much to list.
    cmkiller4: Res Event Admin, Build Assistance, IDay Firework, Meteor Bow, more
    Ashley9305: Dancer egg, Redstone Blocks, Build Assistance
    darkness656565 Build Assistance, Cupid Bow, assorted items
    gummy_bear87: Shiny Flesh, assorted items
    Ben3400: tons of Iron Armor (which i will be enchanting), assorted items
    Datzmine: set of Starter Armor, Build Assistance
    GRE4T3R: Iron Horse Armor, Emeralds, Ghast Tears, assorted items
    JLad: Diamonds
    and the many anonymous donors as well.

    My special thanks goes to the awesome OmegadustMC, who helped me fix a vexing last-minute redstone bug.


    Event Notes:

    I've been wanting to hold a drop party for a long time now. As I recently celebrated my 500th day on EMC, now seems as good a time as any to share my love for EMC's great community. I didn't, however, want to settle for an ordinary DP, where players stand in one spot and jump up and down for 20 minutes. Don't get me wrong: I have enjoyed these types of events and gotten some useful stuff from some very kind and generous players. I was looking to do something different, though. My creation is different enough from a normal drop party to warrant a new name for the event type. I'm calling it an Arena Drop Party.

    I've seen some good attempts by players to mix up drop parties and make them more interesting. By far the best so far is cdjs1987's Hedge Maze on Utopia. I had a blast there on opening day. While my Arena isn't a maze, and looks nothing like her build, it is inspired by her playstyle. I've placed lots of droppers dropping slowly across a wide area, encouraging people to run around and explore. You probably won't do as well camping one dropper the whole time. Look around, grab what you want, dump what you don't need, and keep moving! The Arena is also quite vertical, with platforms, player launchers, and five distinct zones.

    On a side note, I have tried to keep the redstone as simple as possible to reduce framerate issues for people with older PC's. If you have taken the time to read this far, I'll leave this as a thank-you: keep your eyes open at the event, and you just might find some extra loot in some unexpected places. There is a lot to discover. Hope to see you there!

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  3. Can't wait! Congrats on 5oo days!:)
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  4. Can't make it :(, I have a Stomach Virus. But Congrats!
  5. Cant make it, sorry.
  6. Can't wait! Congrats on 5oo days!:)
  7. I contributed as well Build
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  8. Thank you. Hope you feel better soon!

    Ah yes, how could I forget? You were my first donor. I've updated the thread. Thanks again, Ben!
  9. Your most welcome, if you plN on hosting again let me know
  10. I can't wait... looks awesome builds
  11. Sounds amazing! I can't wait to pop in and see the arena!
  12. Sounds similar to the event build in working on. Can't wait to play it! :D I'll definitely be there and congrats on 500days! ^.^
  13. Congratz on 500 day! I will try to be there :)
  14. Can't wait!!! I'll actually be able to make it :D Congrats on 500 days ;) Another thanks for building the mall for me :) (Ps how much would it be for another layer? :p)
  15. Awesome! Congratulations on 500 days! :)
  16. EDIT 7/22/2015, 11:30 EMC time: I must regretfully postpone this event. I was really counting on today to finish up some things on the arena. This persistent DDOS attack has prevented me from logging in, however, and it shows no signs of letting up soon. I have lost basically all of my work time today and I don't believe I will be able to put on the event as I would like to do it. I apologize for the delay, and ask for your patience. Please check back on this thread, as it will be updated with a new date and time as soon as I can schedule it.
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  17. Set a delay on my build as well :/ if I can pick up my paste I will try my best to come back and help you soon. I'll pm you once I get my basic terrain down and I have extra time
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  18. Thanks Datzmine. You helped a lot in the short time you were at my res the other day. That Huge Mushroom grove you were working in is basically the only unfinished major feature, though there is still some smaller stuff to be done around the cavern. I'm not going to try and rush it now, because it looks like I may be forced to put it off till next weekend anyway. I'll know for sure sometime tomorrow, hopefully. You are welcome anytime on my res, whether its to work or just to stop by.
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  19. For those of you who may have missed the update: The event is now Saturday August 1st at 6pm EMC time.

    I've posted some teaser photos here.
  20. Thread updated. Also, my thanks to OmegadustMC for helping me fix a last-minute redstone bug.

    This event starts in 13 hours. Can't wait to see you all there!
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