Builds's 500th Day Drop Party Arena

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  1. This event is scheduled for Saturday August 1st, 6PM EMC time. This build is currently still in progress, though it is mostly complete. I thought I would take some time to show some progress pics and talk about the design. These screenshots were taken during construction a few days ago, so it's actually a bit farther along right now. I'll post more when the arena is finished.

    The whole point of this arena is to create a new and exciting drop party experience. This is more than just a giveaway. It's an exploration-based minigame, with 28 slow-dropping droppers. The more you look around, the more you are going to discover. You will also have to make some choices. There are over 500 "prize" level items (that is, gems, or items worth 100r or more), including vault and stable vouchers, promos, horse armor, enchanted books, etc. I will not be dropping junk like dirt/cobble or paper. I will, however, be dropping roughly 7 items per second for 25-30 minutes. (Exact rate TBD). It's a lot of stuff. Choosing what to keep is part of the game.

    Here you can see the main floor of the arena. Each temporary gold block marks the location of a dropper. Center left, you can see spawn, and the massive stalagtite above it that holds the central control clock. The slime block in the bottom right is a player-launcher that allows for quick ascents. There are several scattered across the cavern in small groups.

    Here are several droppers in overhanging rock formations. Each one is placed carefully, so that similar items do not group between different droppers. If you were curious, item grouping in EMC occurs for items exactly 5 meters or less apart. The distance is absolute, not taxicab, and is based on the exact position of the item, not the block it is in. Solid objects between items do not prevent grouping. (I did a bunch of testing). Also, because droppers give a little random sideways momentum to the items as they release them, you need to place them at least 6 blocks apart to prevent random groupings (more if they are high above the ground).

    The "column" sports four droppers on two levels. The fastest way to the top is to take the launchers in the side-cave behind it. I have tried to ensure that there is more than one way to get to every dropper, both to encourage exploration and to provide alternate routes in case the launchers get clogged (they can only take 1 player at a time). Hopefully crowding won't be too big of an issue, as this place is MASSIVE and there are a lot of side routes and semi-hidden areas to spread out into.

    The Huge Mushroom grove was the last major area to be completed. Here you see it in process. This was the main cause of the event delay, as I had been counting on spending all afternoon last Wednesday to finish it and some of the walls. The DDOS event prevented that. cmkiller4 was kind enough to help me get back on schedule, though, by completing some of the random wall work and allowing me to focus on designing the dropper ceiling and platforms. Spacing and alternate routes were especially important here, because I wanted to leave the mushrooms physically separated while still allowing you to get from one to another. Parkour skills will definitely help you travel throughout the arena, though even the klutziest players will have access to each dropper.

    That wraps up our mini-tour. I've covered roughly half of the arena here. You will have to discover the rest yourself. I'll post more pics once the arena is complete. Probably after the DP.

    Most of the work left to be done is fairly minor, like decorating, connecting the droppers to the central clock, and finishing up areas of the ceiling. Oh, and don't get too attached to that nice smooth ground floor. Its waaay too nice at the moment and needs some messing up.

    Hope to see you at the party!
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  2. AMAZING build!! it was a pleasure seeing inside it , i can't wait till the DP

    Im mailing you a donation once i can get in:D