[EVENT] Brush up on your fighting skills!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Brisingr34, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. Yes, Most of you are probably like "EMC doesn't allow pvp!"

    Well, An event I am hosting:

    Requires pvp and other event do too! So on my personally owned server that you will only be allowed on during this event we are going to have a Pvp/Mob fight tournament!!!

    I will update this thread with the dates we are going to have them!

    I unfortunately cannot have a prize for each fight! Now if you plan on attending one of these events you can donate a prize fund for that fight!


    Monday 2 p.m EST!!
    Prize: 1K donated by Me :D

    A fight that I MIGHT DO:
    Saturday, 10 A.M or 9 A.M EST
    Prize: 1K if i do the fight

    NOTICE: my server is whitelisted!!! That means you need to comment if you want to come!!!!!!!!

    NOTICE: You can sign up even if you can't make it to a fight! this is sign up for every fight!!!

    Camper? Creeper goes boom


    ALSO, there is a spectator area if you just want to view the fight.

    The IP will be given to you in message form after you sign up!

    Hope you guys like this idea!

    NOTICE: I will not tolerate "He got better stuff!" or "Why you spawn the mobs all on me!" This will be a fair competition.
  2. I would attend.
    I would so win this, im so pro at PVP xD
  3. YES! my cross server advertisement worked! If you so confident why dont you put some money in the pot?
  4. Could a mod change the tittle to
    [EVENT] Brush up on your Fighting skills!

    Please, Thanks :D
  5. am i still white listed? im interested in this so sign me up!
  6. Added! I dont think so...... You will be tomorrow
  7. Done
  8. Best......Mod.....Every :D

    Edit: Ever........ C in English for a reason
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  9. How many fights would you plan on doing?
  10. There just now and then, Ill stop after the main event (Craft Bros) is over. Ill have notices of the fights a day or two ahead
  11. If you get a specific number then I could possibly donate accordingly
  12. I'd love to join! I'm not very good at PvP, but this will be a learning experience ;) Also, can you PM me the server address or add it to the OP?
  13. Here, You can donate and Ill put 1K into each fight
    Added and
    So theres your answer!

    IP will be given at 1:30-1:45 tomorrow!
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  14. I'm at 1.5 for now but I'll be able to do that soon
  15. Ok your donations will go towards the next fight since I put the prize for the first one
  16. Im in but I can't do the fight tomorrow.
  17. Isn't this advertising your own server?
  18. If it is I will remove this but I've seen other members do things like this, my server is usually white listed so its not advertising a Pvp server.. It's a personal owned one that will only be used for this event.
  19. Bump! Need 4 more people for tomorrow

    Also I just remembered I talked to a mod about participating and he didnt tell me I couldn't do it or it was advertisement so I think I'm ok :)
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