[Event] The EMC Super Craft Bros Tournament

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  1. I have decided to host a tournament using the super craft bros map by SethBling. TheMinner333 is hosting the server and I am hosting the main event. 2 people will represent each SMP including Utopia. The tournament will work like this:
    Round 1
    The first round will have 5 matches for each SMP and two players will be fighting for each SMP server. The matches will work as follows:
    SMP1 VS SMP2
    SMP3 VS SMP4
    SMP5 VS SMP6
    SMP7 VS SMP8
    SMP9 VS Utopia
    Round 2
    The second round will have a each Smp fishing the others. This means every Smp will fight four more matches. There will be a point system in place to find a winner. The point system will work like this:
    7 points- Win with both players alive with no lives lost
    5 Points- Win with both players alive with any number of lives
    3 Points- Win with one player alive
    0 Points- Lose the match
    The Top 2 scoring teams will move onto the final round. In the event there is a tie for the second highest scoring team the following will happen: The team will fight each other and winner will move onto round 3.
    Round 3
    The two teams will fight in 2 out 3 match. The winning team will split a rupee prize.
    No Cheating
    No Exploiting Maps
    Betrayal is allowed
    Have Fun and have good Sportsmanship
    Only 2 reps per smp. if the smp you want to represent has two people being reps than you have to pick another smp.
    The Current Prize is 10,000r. If you want to donate PM me with how much you donated and I will put you on the list
    Donation List
    Nobody yet D:
    SMP1:BobTheTomato9798 xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    SMP2: Superg64 RunningRhino
    SMP4:NINJATILLA Crepper665
    SMP5: Dragonflame356
    SMP7:cddm95ace princebee
  2. Ill represet utopia!
  3. If I understand correctly, you are looking for volunteers to fight for each smp? If so, I would like to fight for smp7, as long as this goes down when I am available.
  4. Ok Ill post a list of the reps for each smp.
  5. i go for smp6 wht do u do just so i know and when so i know if i available
  6. Could I Also Take SMP7?
  7. For everyone its a pvp event where you pick a character class and you get certain weapons and items to with that class. You have five lives and if you die five times you are out of the game. The last player is standing wins and their team goes onto the last round.
  8. Smp7 has all its spots filled so now we just need another person for smp6 and utopia and other people to fill the spots for the other smps
  9. Hi! As you've seen I'm hosting the server. Due to the server being payed for by my little brothers friends to be on, we will have to do this on short notice. As soon as I update the server to 32 slots 1.6 GB I will let matjam know and we will set a date hopefully this will be bundles of fun!!
  10. Yup so guys donate to the prize and join in and represent an smp server.
  11. SMP4 please
  12. smp2 please :D
  13. I would like to represent smp8 please! and can we save the other spot for talukegord? I'll still have to ask him if he wants to do this but I think he will and it would be great if we reserved the spot for him.
  14. SMP4 please
  15. I'll represent smp1!
  16. Ill take smp2!
  17. i should brush up on my pvp
  18. Oh yeah, I will be creating a forum for mob battles and either fights on my server if anyone wants to touch up on their Pvp skills. Just little battles now and then
  19. I'm going to say this so everyone knows. I can't reserve spots as spots are first come first server. You can sign someone up however I need a PM from them telling me that whoever signed them up did so with their permission.
  20. Hehe I know the minner.... (Cough my brother) ill represent smp5