[EVENT] BoneChilling Battle

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  1. Thank you for posting that. It makes it so much easier. But save this stuff for the PM.
  2. Very Fun Event Highly Recommend ;)
  3. count me in
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  4. Wow, Nole. You joined at the right time. Next event starts in two hours. I'll include you in the PM.
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  5. Bump. Also, for anyone who joined, there's an event tomorrow!
  6. We need more people! 15 have been invited, but not all have joined. We got a max of 6 players including me and Silver, but it's not good enough. There might be an event today!
  7. I'll join!
    Send me the IP now! I need a challenge.
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  8. Okay, I will include you in the second pm. Meet you on. (Hopefully)
  9. Sorry for the troubles everyone! We,re on vacation and the wifi is slow, lagging the server and it won't run. There WILL be an event next Sunday and both days after that to make up for days we missed. Also, we need more people.
  10. Next event will be on Thursday! We might be closing the event, and don't know how far we can get with it. Nobody who joins now will play in an event when it happens. So we're unsure now if we can continue it