[EVENT] BoneChilling Battle

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  1. Thanks for inviting me to the PM, I'll try to be there ;)
  2. You're in! I'll invite you to the second PM.
  3. I bump this thread!
  4. Videos are up at youtube.com/user/prog4ngst4
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  6. The second one it uploading right now! Hope I didn't sound too bad on the mic ;)
  7. It was okay.
  8. I could possibly help with recording also...
  9. Okay. Please save this kind of conversation for the PM.
  10. What amazing prizes! XD
  11. Do you want to join at all?
  12. Me? Probobly not. I don't even fully understand this.
  13. Okay, so a maximum of 8 players will join our server and will wait for me to signal them by typing /warp event. The 8 players will then fight off the heavily armored enemies with armor that I give them and see who will place first. Then the last four players alive will win prizes that will be handed out on Smp1 res 2422.
  14. And where exactly is this?
  15. This is being hosted on my server.
  16. Can I play?!
  17. Sure. I'll add you in the PM. The event will happen at 2:00 today, Pacific. Or in 4 hours from now.
  18. What time for EST?