[EVENT] BoneChilling Battle

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  1. This is an event where you can fight to the death to win prizes on EMC and glorify yourself as the King of the Ring. You will fight hordes of armored skeletons and try to keep your friends alive as they get attacked too. The arena is an 8-Player battle with 10 spawners who see if they can make it to daytime.
    Ultra Shears
    Uber Paper

    They may seem lame, but they pack a punch. Games will be hosted twice every Sunday or whenever we feel like hosting them. Special thanks to Sha449 for the name of the event. Max of 8 players in the arena at one time to reduce lag and keep it fair.
    Sign up like this: Just say you want to join. I will like your post if you get accepted for the day's battle.
    Prizes will be:
    1st place: 3 diamonds

    2nd place: 3 lapis blocks

    3rd place: 4 ender pearls

    4th place: 10 redstone dust

    I will invite you to the PM and let you know the IP for the server. Donations for better prizes are accepted, and might be needed. Here is what you will be up against:
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  2. I thought more people would have posted here by now.
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  3. Um, I say I want to join.
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  4. You will be added to the PM. There will be a game in 15 minutes.
  5. That was fun! But to really have fun we need more people.
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  6. Thank you PRO_G4NGST4 and Sha449 for helping us make a new arena!
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  7. Bump
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  8. Seems fun!
    I'd like to join a game tomorrow. :)
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  9. Seems cool. I might do it.
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  10. Sign Me up!
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  11. I liked your posts. That means you will be joining the server! Just let me add you to the PM.
  12. IP for the server is in the PM fairly close to the bottom. New arena too: 2012-12-21_16.37.19.png 2012-12-21_16.37.44.png
  13. Im in, no doubt, sounds awesome
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  14. I'll invite you to the PM!
  15. This thread was bumped!
  16. Thanks for the bump, now I can request that I join ;)
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  17. I'm joining
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  18. Inviting you to PM. The next game will be hosted tomorrow.
  19. Can I join please! Sounds awesome!
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