[EVENT] Birthday Drop Party , Grief Party and Shenanigans

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  1. As none of you know, Saturday, August 16 is my birthday.
    I thought I should make it Very Special.
    I will be hosting a Drop Party, as well Grief Party and Shenanigans
    I, Myself And Bro_im_infinite will be hosting a 4hrs+ Drop Party followed by an Obsidian Grief Party to find the Dragon Poops hidden amongst the 2-3 DC of placed Obsidian.

    Information about the Drop Party:
    - What is going to happen? We drop stuff. Then you grief stuff.
    - When will it happen? Saturday August 16th 2014
    7pm New York, USA Time
    4pm Los Angeles, USA Time
    9am Melbourne, VIC, AUS Time
    7am Perth, WA, AUS Time
    1am Paris, EU Time

    - Where will it happen? At my new res on smp4, 9418
    - What will be dropped?
    49DC and 859 Units of Sugar Cane
    49DC and 849Units of Paper
    1DC of All Diamond Gear and Tools
    And much much more. Drop Party duration should be ~4hrs
    TOTAL: 140 Double Chest of Stuff

    - What will be griefed?
    2-3 Double chest of Obsidian with 1-5 Dragon Poop hidden in the mist. Make sure to bring a Diamond Pick or pray you get one from the Drop Party
    - Want to help out/ donate items for the Drop Party/Giveaway/Rupees Packages?
    PM me SkareCboi If you want your name in the donators list.
    Otherwise just drop it in the hoppers at 9418, smp4, to be an Anonymous Donator.


    Information about Giveaways:
    - All you have to do to be eligible to win something (Giveaway Chests, 10 of them maybe more), is reply to this thread saying what your favorite thing to do is in Minecraft, or EMC :)
    - For every chest/rupee donation, Bro_im_infinite will use random.org to determine the winner. The number comment will be randomly selected, and the writer of that comment will receive that prize.
    The first winner chosen will get Aikar's Head from 12/23/13 Drop Party.
    The second Winner will get krysyyjane9191's Head.
    The rest of the winners chosen will receive One of the following:
    - Chest 1: Priority Access Chest to my Sugar Cane Farm for as long as the Farm is active.
    - Chest 2: DC of Hardened Clay
    - Chest 3: DC of Hardened Clay
    - Chest 4: DC of Slime Balls
    - Chest 5: DC of Slime Balls
    - Chest 6: DC of Slime Balls
    - Chest 7: DC of Blaze Rods
    - Chest 8: DC of White Wool
    - Chest 9: DC of Paper
    - Chest 10: DC of Sugar Cane
    - Access chests will be made for those selected at res 8723, smp4.
    - The winning post numbers will be selected right after the Drop Party. During the Grief Party
    - If you replied to this thread, and I get chosen again, Bro_im_infinite will re draw a new number.
    - Please only post once, and no alts :)

    Hope no one can make it so I get to keep all those awesome things. =P na just kidding. Come and bring your friends.
    PS: I was lazy so I used Bro_im_infinite's last Drop Party Template =P
  2. PS: Hidden Renamed obsidian blocks will be matched to Prizes in chests. PM SkareCboi with the renamed block name to Claim

    Rare Items that will be dropped.
    - Horse Armor
    - Ocelot head
    - Cauldrons (Yes we love cauldron)
    - Stable Vouchers
    - Vault Vouchers
    - 1 Labor Bench
    - 1 Nether Star
    - 1 2014 Birthday Cake
    - Dragon Fragments
    - 1 Brand new SkareCbo1 head (My Green Head none exist so far)
    - 1 5karecboi head (less than 10 exist)

    Donators List
    Bro_im_infinite - 69r, his time and 1SC of Bone Promo's (Ultra Rare =P)
    Electric_Tree - 5000r
    IronicSwordPlay - 5000r
    EquableHook624 - 8000r
    mineops246 - 2500r
    slash14459 -10000r
    CokedUpCamel - 15000r

    Donated Items
    Moonglum_ - A DC of Various items (Including Diamond Gear, 1 stack of Emeralds , 3 stacks of Padzol and Cakes and Fireworks)
    Pitsch11 - Donated an SC of Various items (Including 1 stack of Gold Ore, Horse Armor, Name Tag and enchanted gear)
    crafter31211 - 4 Enchanted books
    just_five_fun - 12 Written books signed by the man himself. (No.1 of a series of 5)
    SEPTHEKID - Donated lots of Cakes
    Gearmaster09 - Donated a full starter set.


    Congrats to all that came. Here is the list of WINNERS.

    Pick up your prizes at 8723, smp4
    You have 1 Week to pick it up as that res will be reset soon.

    Pitsch11 - Aikar Head
    BevK56 - Kryssy Head

  3. My FAVORITE thing to do on EMC is to hang out with all my awesome friends on SMP4!!!! :p
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  4. Whats the NZ time?
  5. nz is like 2 or 3 hours ahead of Melbourne time
  6. Ok I MIGHT be on hope i can
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  7. My favorite part of EMC is how fair it i for everyone.
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  8. My favorite thing to do on EMC is to try and make rupees, I just love the feeling of gaining something that is worth absolutely nothing in real life.
    Happy B-day!
    EDIT: Thanks for this! got 4 double chests of random items, 3 stacks of obsidian, and a double chest of yellow stained clay!
  9. Happy bday
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  10. Woo Hoo!
    YAy yaY!! Partay!
  11. My favorite thing to do in EMC is build and hang out with friends. :)

    Happy Birthday :D
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  12. I can't be on the party, sorry. Have a nice partay!
  13. bump'er stickers
  14. My favorite thing to do, is to go to your farm, turn cane to paper, paper to e, repeat repeat repeat.
    My 2nd fav thing to do is stare at a blue and red stormtrooper player head on the wall!
    Thanks x100000 for the public farm.
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  15. My favorite thing to do on emc.. I'd say just having fun with friends! It's an awesome, friendly community.
    Congrats on your birthday!!
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  16. I'll come, bring 5 diamond picks and another computer to multitask and mine...
  17. I'm In NZ So Probably Won't Make It, But I Really Wish I Could. Hope You All Have A Great Party!

    (My Favourite Thing To Do On EMC Is Kill The Custom Mobs, And Play Some Good Old Pvp :D)
  18. Congratz :p

    My favorite part of emc is talking to friends and meeting new friends :D
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