-=[Event] Awesome's 1000th Day Party!=-

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Will you come?

YEA!!! 39 vote(s) 50.0%
Maybe =D 31 vote(s) 39.7%
I can't make it :"""( 8 vote(s) 10.3%
NO WAY! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Awesome's 1000th Day Party!

    Locations and time are listed at the bottom along with other info.

    Well anyways on to the party! I will break this segment into
    separate events. All of the events are a Drop Party, Parkour,
    Invisible Maze, and Hidden Chest Dig. Each event also gives out a
    Diamond Supporter Voucher, Gold Supporter Voucher, and
    Iron Supporter Voucher along with a bunch of other great items.
    So in total 12 supporter vouchers, 4 of each type will be given away.
    This whole party is worth around 4 million rupees!
    Want to donate to the party? Go to 8871 if you do!
    Promos will be given out also :D

    Drop Party:
    This event will happen first and is worth over a million rupees.

    Give a big thanks to galazeek for designing it!

    This event will happen second and will give out prizes in this order, 1st to finish will get a Diamond Supporter Voucher, 2nd to finish will get a Gold Supporter Voucher and 3rd to finish will get an Iron Supporter Voucher, 4th to finish will get a beacon, 5th to finish will get a stack of diamonds.

    Invisible Maze:
    This event will happen 3rd and prizes will be given out the same exact way as the Parkour. Maze is 41x41 (I think).

    Hidden Chest Dig:
    This event will happen 4th and is the last event. I have hidden 9 chests in the ground and your job is to find them. Each chest has lots of good items.

    Event Order:
    1. Drop Party
    2. Parkour
    3. Invisible Maze
    4. Hidden Chest Dig

    28th of December 2014
    Starts at 1:00 PM EMC time.
    I have no clue when it will end but
    it will probably be around 2-4 hours after the start.

    This time should be fine because
    most people should be on Christmas break.
    By the way do your on conversions please.

    8222 (TP pads to different events)

    Give a special thanks to SEPTHEKID, crafter31211, galazeek, and Nibs2!

    Largest Donaters:
    cadgamer101: 50k

    Also I have not completed this party so if you think something should be
    added please tell me!

    Also, please do not advertise your own thread here (Unless in signature).

    Hope You Can Make It!
  2. Cool I can't wait for the party!!!

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  3. LOOL, I have my 1000th day day before yours :p
    But I have nothing to give away/ make a party off :/

    Edit: I have now :p
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  4. Sounds awesome but I won't be able to come ._. stupid wired-in PCcomputer that I can't take with me on vacation xD
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  5. Most likely I can come but you know things arise and maybe my family will make me do something never know:)
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  6. EPIC !!!

    Very generous of you, and the most epic giveaway in EMC history, I believe !

    Congratulations on your 1000 days.

    You remember I made a donation, I fully support this
  7. How did you make my text look so magical? lol
  8. I hope to see a lots of people there, and hope it will be a blast, Sadly i am not able to make it as it will be too close to the end of the year, I will be packing and getting ready to move to college.
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  9. Sounds like quite the shindig :) Will try to make it if I can, but either way - welcome to the "1k Club" and congrats.
  10. One hour earlier would be better for me, but I should be able to make at least the drop party, and maybe the parkour too :)
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  11. HaHa...!!!... I already hit 1100 days... (*-*)
  12. Well aren't you just special :p
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  13. Yay, glad this will be during my winter vacation. And the time is convenient as well. Look forward to it! :)
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  14. Even with my absence, I will try to be there :)
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  15. Will try to be there :)
    Congrats on 1000!!
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  16. This event looks pretty cool! I'll see if I can be there but no promises as it is around the Christmas period :p Happy 1000th!
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