[Event] Anyone else going to this?

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  1. Wut? :confused: Not sure what this is ,but it has EMC on it... also look at the price :eek:
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  2. Idk what this is either but doesn't sound right.
  3. The servers can get pretty pricey, so I find the price quite reasonable. :)

    Edit: As in, I find it a reasonable sum to support EMC.
  4. It's the price for the event....
  5. I knew this was a joke, but for the longest time I could not figure out what the conference was about. I guess it is something having to do with enterprises and the modern tech age.
  6. Aikar's English is pretty good... His English is 'too good'.

    Did he write that? Or did you change it haha
  7. I tried my best, but I gave up after the first "i". It was far too laborious.
  8. This is a joke, right? :p
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  9. *Sigh* Nice one :p
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  10. I had a difficult time reading it; it was typed in youknowwhat (poor) grammar. :p Aikar definitely typed that.
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  11. I got mine. The formatting is a bit different, so I was one of the first to get it. :)

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  12. "The most exciting time in tech is coming soon — EMC World 2015 returns to Las Vegas May 4-7 at The Venetian! As data growth explodes, EMC creates the infrastructure that enables you to manage your business and your career. Come to EMC World 2015 to find out what’s next!"
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  13. Our server is going to be on TV!

    Its a joke for all emc fans out there. :p
  14. Aikar says "could of".
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  15. I thought we were suppose to keep it a secret...

    EDIT: For those who do not believe me.
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  16. lol, I have noticed that too. Who needs grammer when you code?
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