[EVENT] 80 seconds till Death.

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  1. Hello Empire,

    Due to lack of Krysyy tonight I have been bribed talked into doing tonights 'Wacky Wednesday' Event.

    As such I present to you all a new concept to kill you all with...

    Event: 80 seconds till Death
    Time: 20:00 EMC (8pm)
    Location: SMP2 - Wastelands; -3578,-538.

    Tips: You will die and items will be lost. Bring only what you are happy with loosing.

    Prizes: will be shared among the surviving member, or I find a new way to kill you...

    50k - [B4dman5imon]
    mysteryitem - [The_Boulder]

    I hope to see many of you soon...
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  2. What are we doing at the event?
  3. Knowing Simon I would hazard a guess at dying.
  4. Hmm. I'll try to attend :p What exactly is this event?
  5. Sounds like fun, will try to be there!
  6. Sounds awesome! However its at 1 am for me, so good luck to everyone!
  7. pfft like you havent stayed up later than that ;p

    Wish I could be there, have fun all :D
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  8. Sounds epic I surely will be there to die :p
  9. You couldn't say that the other night eh :p
  10. Unless there is a chance of me winning 15+ Mill in promos i won't stay up for it :D
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  11. Oooo, sounds good
  12. Sounds epic and devilish, I love it and I will be there ;)
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  13. Going to try.....FatherGuse is coming in for the night to see the family so we shall see.
  14. I am not an event person, but those who are attending I will say...

    May the Odds Ever be in Your Favor!
  15. Picture is misleading; it implies we'll see daylight.
  16. Well you do live next to him so you should know :p
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  17. Be warned, though, Simon plays with his food, first.
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  18. ALSO, I found out that it'll be held at /WASTE W.
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  19. Smack dab in the middle of dinner. Maybe I can make it if I woof down my food.........
  20. Chin might be there.. so show up ......... He will be bring the cake....
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