[Event] 700 Days Old!

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  1. Hey EMC! I have some very exciting news! I am almost 700 days old on EMC! Yes, currently I am 679 days old. I wanted to post an early thread though (before I forget). The event information is down below. Some more event information would be here: www.emc.gs/events/ I hope you can make it!

    • SMP: 2
    • Residence: /v HelloKittyRo 4, or /v +hkr
    • This party will be a dining party.
    • The menu is:
      • Water
      • Sprit
      • Sheerly Temple
      • Dr. Pepper
      • Diet Coke
      • Pizza
      • Pie
      • Steak
      • Pork
      • Bread
      • Cookie
      • Cake
      • Pumpkin Pie
    • Time: 7:00
    • AM or PM: PM (Past Morning)
    • EMC Time: EMC Time, or New York Time/Eastern Time
    • Date: 6/30/16 (It might be late or early, but this is the only available time.) - (June Thirty, Two-thousand sixteen.)
    I hope to see you there! I'd appreciate if you are there!
  2. Congratz on 700 days. :) Just incase you didn't know, your link takes to you to the EMC homepage.
  3. Nice to see you know your Latin and managed to translate Post Meridiem to English! ;)
    Anyway, I won't be able to make this, unfortunately, as it's way too late for me.

    Edit: actually... you didn't really, I just realised, as meridiem is noon, not morning :p
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  4. I know. I'm waiting for the event link to generate. I go check now. And thanks!
    EDIT: The link isn't ready yet.
    Awww, okay. And.. what?
  5. I can't make it because I am very busy on that day, but I hope you have a lot of fun.
    Congratz on 700.
  6. Thanks! Also, the party isn't tomorrow. It's June 30th.
  7. Its spelt Shirley temple
  8. Congratulations on 700 days! I'm not in town then, so, unfortunately, I will not be able to attend. :( But encourage others to go attend!
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  9. I know, I like to spell it the fun way :)
  10. 700* :p

    Also Gratz! :D
  11. What do you mean? :p I fixed it!
  12. Shh
  13. Well, I am 600, maybe he was wishing me a happy 600 too!
    Gonna let that fly
  15. y the coke gotta be diet tho
  16. cus u gotta be healthy
  17. Lol so many bumps xD