[EVENT] 600th day party!

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  1. On Sunday the 30th of March at 19100 on smp9 it will be my 600th day on emc. As usual for almost every 100 days, I do some sort of party. So on Sunday, I will be having a party! :D It will start at 5pm BST (4pm GMT) Reason for such an early time is because I do not want to interrupt the EMC Games, sorry if you cant make it to this party.

    Ok, so here is the line up for the day:
    • Firstly: Fire Floor
    • Secondly: Foot/Parkour Race
    • Thirdly: Mini Drop Party
    • Lastly: Final Drop: A 600th day captaincraft300 head!!!
    30x30 arena, once you enter the arena, and everyone is ready, the floor will begin to burn away. Your task is to stay on the floor (not fall through)! If you fall, you are out, so do /v 19100 to get back up. The last person standing wins the prize! The prize for this round and ONLY this round is 10k and the donation chest.

    This is a running race with a bit of parkour in it. Everyone plays at the same time. Whoever gets to the end (where I stand) wins the prize: The latest Empire Firework. Do not bother bringing ender pearls because they will not work :)

    I will be dropping one of the latest Empire Fireworks, and many other useful items along with it. I will not be using dispensers or droppers, I will be dropping by hand.

    Yes, I have dropped quite a few of my heads, and now I will only drop ONE of this type of head. For my year, I dropped 3 year heads, for this day, I repeat, there will only be ONE! So good luck getting it :D

    Hope to see you all there :D and once again, if you cant make it because of time, I am extremely sorry.
  2. Cant make it, but congrats!
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  3. I hope I can make it :D
    Anyways, congratz on 600 days :)
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  4. Congratulations captaincraft300, I should be able to make it! :)
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  5. Bump! One day to go :D
  6. I would actually be able to make this! :) (I can't go to the EMC games because they're too late :P)
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  7. Congrats =) I might be able to come
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  8. I'm confused by the daylight savings, when is this? As in how late from now?
  9. Britain had clocks go forward today. The event is a few minutes under two hours from now :)
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  10. 1 hour to go! I cant wait :D
  11. I hope you're not done yet when dinner is over :3
  12. i live beside 19100 so im comeing! congrats on 600th
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  13. oh i forgot i live on 19099 and 19101 u are in the middle!!
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  14. Right after church! :D Will try to be there, if I don't have a long lunch! :D

    EDIT: Won't make it :(
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  15. Event is on in four minutes! Come over now! :D
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  16. On my way now!
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  17. Well, that was fun I guess :) Thanks :D
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