[Event] 100 days of Rei give-away

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by AyanamiKun, Aug 2, 2015.

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Happy (EMC) birthday to me ^.^

    i've been on EMC for 100 days, feels like 2 weeks, and i wanna celebrate with an event. Problem: my res isnt finished, 3 / 4 of my resses are locked and im too busy building. so were gonna do a forum game, hope u guys like that too.

    pick a number between 0 - 100, ill ask random.org to draw numbers and if u got it right u win a price.

    End time (when I draw numbers): 8th of August, around 4 - 5 PM EMC time. (soz, forgot! :oops:)

    Donations: if u like you can use the donation chest to put stuff in. and thx!


    So: 1st prize gets Nether Star (and other stuff), second prize gets vault voucher (and same other stuff), third gets stable voucher (and also same other stuff) and i got 2 runner ups. ppl really liked that in my last event so i do that too:

    Runner up prize: diamond block, gold block, emerald, diamond, ench. book, saddle, creeper head & xp bottle.

    Second runner up prize: same as above but no creeper head but a blaze rod.

    If u dont understand what u could get then come to my res. and view the prizes:

    List of players:

    endermagic4 3
    canuckshockey 4
    lilcamoshark21 7
    f_builder_s 12
    chamelonnyc 13
    thistle_bristled 14
    traynfreek 15
    607 16
    luckypat 17
    ben3400 21
    kytula 23
    mustanglover25 25
    beatsmode 33
    dj__krazy 34
    danielbuchinger 37
    * scrOcraft 39
    poofasaurus 46
    phalanx12 48
    nuclearbobomb 55
    jdog1234 62
    ryugaxi 69
    porphos 70
    nman2832 77
    jv2k 86
    doublecakes9001 95
    EquableHook624 100
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  2. Hmm, Happy 100. :D
    I'll take 95
  3. Where are your clones? 34
  4. in my avatar ^.^
  5. 7 Please!
  6. 21 please
  7. Happy 100 days on emc! May many more 100 days on emc be in your favor.. I will take 3.
  8. Happy 100 and I will take 25 please.
  9. I volunteer as tribute to take the unlucky number.

    13 :p
  10. I would like 48 please :)
  11. dizze ze bumpz! ^.^
  12. i wanna donate to this, could you set me up a chest to put my donations in?
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  13. I would like number 100?
  14. 77 please happy emc birthday
  15. ill see what i can do, and thx!

    will prob. be tomorrow, but ill add an update here when im done!
  16. 12 please :p Happy 100 days
  17. 62 please
    thank you in advance
  18. 33 please. Thanks for doing this!
  19. 100 is just the beginning! I'll take 4 please :)
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