Ethy202's Full Idea Thread

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  1. So, this is my full thread. All of my ideas will be here. This is to keep thread spam out of the system. I will put ideas like this.

    Blablah (Idea)-why is this?
    What it is.
    Uses (or drops)

    Year milistones/Contest with cool prise
    A moment ago<---click here for the suggestion...
  2. It would be nice to post this when you have your first idea but I guess this is good for future reference.
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  3. If I may suggest it, when you post a new idea, add a link to that post to your first post with the date of the new idea. It will help keep things organized, and make it easier for people to find your ideas.

    To get the link to the post, just click the part I circled in this picture, and it will give you that specific post's link.
  4. Better yet edit the OP ^.^
  5. Thats what I meant:p
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  6. I think it would be much easier if you kept everything in individual threads.

    As long as the ideas aren't ridiculous, it's hardly spam. :)
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  7. New idea!!!
    So every time EMC hits a 1 year milestone, there is a promo for this item-
    I also think there should be another contest hosted by IceCreamCow, and this is thhe award for 1st place 2013-10-09_18.05.02.png
    2nd place gets 10k and 64 diamonds.
    3rd place gets 5k and 16 diamonds.
    The contest is decided by ICC!
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  8. Isn't the birthday voucher kinda OP.. When you give one to every single member.

    And then even if not everyone gets one, the purpose of old rare items wouldn't be as much anymore as you could technically get more of the item.
  9. I mean the you-can-only-go-back-1-month-of-promo-items.
  10. I love the Idea Ethy :)
  11. Well there are times where there aren't promos for more than a month, what would it give you then lol
  12. Yaknow those mini bosses?
  13. ..what about them
  14. Their drops
    Momentus's Toothpick, ect.
  15. That would be WAY too easy to get such a rare item.

    Just make it so each is worth ~5k redeemable by senior staff services. So if you wanted a road edit you could pay a voucher + 5k. If you collect 30 vouchers you can get a free residence digout, etc.
  16. well... you would get one per year, so it is ok, and I think it should NOT be able to be auctioned!
  17. That my good sir, is a terrible idea. Everything is auctionable.
  18. Not true. It could be just "/promo bday", and then that generates a chest like the other /promos, except this on only has the instructions and a random item inside. It isn't his original idea, but it is a modified version of it. Don't just take his idea and think "Hmmm this is how I can insult his idea the most." There is a process called revision, and it is a vital part of dealing with any idea.

    And for this to be considered reasonably auctionable (using his original idea), the staff would have to categorize it as an EMC special item. If they didn't do that, you would need 3456 of them. Sure, they could be auctioned in game. But in game auctions are often unsuccessful, which would end up leading to people just using it themselves.

    Back to the idea. Just a thought, but maybe instead of a random special item, it could be rupees or something like a special item that's name is related to birthdays, such as a "birthday hat", with normal enchants. If it were given a command such as "/promo bday rupees" or "/promo bday items", it think this idea is perfectly reasonable and would be a nice addition. I certainly enjoy getting birthday coupons emailed to me, and it would be cool to have birthday promo.
  19. There is no need to be rude. Tell him how to make it better. saying it stinks does not help anything. It just hurts his feelings. I know what It feels like to have worked super hard on something and then some guy comes and complains about it. What if you were Ethy?
    Think about that Haro...
  20. The axe of milky justice should come with ICC leather, for polishing of course.
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