Ethos Mining Technique

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  1. Saw Ethos New mining technique, Which is basically Getting a beacon with haste 2 down at y:12 with a eff 5 pickaxe And go crazy By digging a 50X50X2 hole. You will get a LOAD of Redstone, Coal, Iron, Lapis And Diamond. So I gave it a go, got amazing results, there were a lot of caves, So I didn't bother digging a huge area out, but still amazing results! Recommend you guys trying it.

    What I dug:


    For the size of the area I dug Those results are crazy with a fortune 2 pick (I didn't mine coal or iron)

    Original video:
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  2. Hehe, i use this technique at my base, works great for when I need lapis blocks
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  3. How long did this take?
    Nice info, thanks.
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  4. Will use in future.
  5. About 1 hour.
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  6. I suggest keeping this to ourselves... >.>
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  7. This is the results from a proper 50x50 mine - every block within a 50X50 area mined

    took about 2 hours to mine all this.
  8. I tried this the other day and now have a full portable setup. I ended up with about a stack and a half of diamond ore, stack and a half of iron blocks, and tons of gold.
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  9. I watched the Etho video too and gotta say this method of mining is incredible! Tried it earlier tonight and with 2 people in just over an hour we got about 14 diamond blocks, 14 gold blocks, 40 iron blocks, 6 stacks of redstone blocks, 4 stacks of coal blocks, and over a stack of lapis blocks doing 2 levels at Y:12 and Y:6, and when your done you basically have a dual level mob spawn pad that you could turn into a grinder if you wanted :cool:
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  10. I gotta try this.
  11. I remember a much better technique for mining that was around before the voting rewards came in.

    It was basically to hire a bunch of new players for 100r each and make 'em dig it out for you. :D
  12. Todays Gold dig Overfilled my ender chest, Even in block form. (including 2.5 stacks of iron blocks and a beacon, a full set of diamond amour, sword and bow, Arrows, wood spare picks And a anvil)

    The huge hole (mined every ore)
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